Getting Enough Sleep After CNA Training

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Whether you work in a hospital or a nursing home after CNA training, you know that your patients hate being interrupted while they’re enjoying a good night’s sleep. New studies have shown that interruptions in sleep can also affect how well patients sleep as well.


It’s not just your patient’s sleep that you need to be worried about, though. Another sleep issue that can be a problem after CNA training is CNA fatigue.


Why is it such a problem? Fatigue is an issue that affects the safety and health of CNAs and their patients. In fact, fatigue that is caused by not getting enough sleep or from insufficient quality of sleep can lead to issues like:


• Problems staying focused


• Confusion


• Memory lapses


• Irritability


• Reduced motivation


• Diminished reaction time


• Slowed or faulty judgment or information processing


• Impaired communication


• Loss of empathy


I know, I know. After CNA training, it’s not exactly easy to get all the sleep you want, especially when you’re working 16 hour shifts on the weekends or rotating 12 hour shifts every week. So, what’s the solution?

Get Enough Sleep After CNA Training


Turn it off- You may be used to sleeping with the television on or even the light on, but chances are you aren’t getting the amount of sleep you need. One of the easiest ways to help your body adjust to any sleep schedule is simply by turning the lights off. This is especially helpful for individuals who work the night shift and may have trouble sleeping during the day. Remember, your circadian clock is determined by darkness and light.


Take a nap- Recent studies have shown us that taking short naps can help you remain vigilant during the day. Even if your break at work is only 15 to 20 minutes, that short snooze can help you push through until the end of your shift after CNA training. Just make sure that your workplace allows for sleeping during breaks before you do this.


Don’t Disturb- We all have that one friend. The one that comes over whenever they want to, and they never seem to take the hint that you have other things to do. This can be a problem, especially if you work night shift after CNA training. If friends are coming over and disturbing your sleep in the middle of the day, put a stop to it immediately. Lock your door if you have to. Then, lie down, turn off your phone, and put in some earplugs.


Eat Right- Sustained energy will keep you going all day, especially if you’re working against your circadian clock after CNA training. While your body will naturally want sugar, keep these limited and mix them with protein for a healthy and beneficial snack. Some good ideas are apples and peanut butter, veggies and hummus, or fruit and yogurt. Each of these will keep your blood sugar levels on the right track.


Sleeping Right After CNA Training


Don’t let sleep become an issue that puts your health and your patients’ safety at risk. Take steps to get a good night’s sleep after CNA training.


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