Give Me a Reason! Why Enroll in CNA Training?

cna trainingCNA Training – Top 5 Reasons to Enroll

Why become a CNA? We polled a group of over 750 CNA’s and here are the top 5 reasons they came up with.

There have been many incentive programs and a great deal of publicity recently surrounding CNA training and careers and the growing need for dedicated, trained Certified Nursing Assistants. You may be wondering what the opportunity to become a trained and certified nursing assistant might have to offer you and the reasons that people take on this essential role have many and varied reasons for doing so. Finally, here are the reasons right fro CNA training graduates:

Why CNA Training?

  • The Medical Industry and Job Security- CNA training and careers can be your point of entry into the medical field. Not everybody has the chance to study to be a doctor or a nurse; family commitments, finances or personal setbacks can prevent people from pursuing this line of study. Becoming a CNA training graduate allows you to be part of the growth health industry, increasing your long term employment prospects.
  • Making a Difference- If you are looking to give back to the wider community in a real and meaningful way CNA training and careers may be the career path for you. As a certified nursing assistant you will provide support to patients and their loved ones, make palliative patients more comfortable, help mothers in their first daunting days of motherhood, and help doctors and nurses with their daily duties. It can be very rewarding and compassionate people are always needed.
  • Re numeration- Among the wonderful things that a career as a nursing assistant has to offer CNA training and careers sets you on a path to a steady income and benefits that are the highest in the medical profession for individuals who have not completed over 2 years of further education. The average salary for a CNA is approx $24,400 a year, though some earn more and some earn less.
  • Experience- CNA training and careers allows you hands on experience in health care and access to peers who are working at similar or higher levels. This can help you to further your career if you should choose to do so. Many nursing assistants go onto further study to become registered nurses and fully qualified doctors. Being a CNA could be the entry level position that sets you up for a long and exciting career.
  • Nationally Accredited Qualification- Once you have passed your exam you are put on the nursing registry allowing you to apply for nursing jobs all over the country and some places overseas. CNA training and careers is a much shorter course than many others in the medical field and being qualified quickly means you can get to work quickly. The course is often much less expensive too, and because of the growing demand for health staff, there are many government and private programs through which you may be able to get some if not all of your fees subsidized by grants. Although research and forward planning is required to ascertain whether you are eligible before undertaking the course.

Becoming a certified nursing assistant is a rewarding, challenging, stable and smart career move.

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