Have You Heard About Express CNA Training in Florida?

cna trainingSome major cities, which are generally those with the greatest need for qualified CNA’s, are now offering a type of Express CNA Training. If you’ve heard of it, you may be wondering whether it is a legitimate type of CNA training, or if it can benefit you in any way. Let’s take a look:

Express CNA Training

After investigating Express CNA training services, here’s the breakdown of what the classes offer:

  • 120 hour CNA Training Program
  • 8 hour EKG Workshop
  • 80 hour Home Health Assistant Certification Class
  • 8 hour Phlebotomy Workshop
  • 80 hour Phlebotomy National Exam Prep Workshop
  • CPR
  • Basics of First Aid Course
  • HIV and AIDS Awareness and Safety Course

Now, just to clarify, an aspiring nursing assistant looking for CNA Training would not have to take all of the classes offered above, so what are the benefits?

From what we can see, there is at least one clear benefit that can be gained from pursuing your CNA Training from one of these Express CNA Training Centers. One, would be the fact that the administration and the instructors are all under one roof and are all capable of teaching or tutoring in the area of health care. When CNA training is taken from a local adult education center or a community college, there is generally one instructor who comes in from another location especially to teach this one course. There would be a clear advantage to being in a medical training center dedicated to all aspects of the field, from CNA training to Phlebotomy, Pharmacy Technician and even Practical Nursing.

A Clear Advantage for CNA Training

Another advantage would be the fact that a student could back to back enroll in EKG or Phlebotomy while taking CNA training. This would provide the nursing assistant with additional skills that would definitely place them above the rest when it comes to job placement.

If you, as a Certified Nursing Assistant could also perform blood draws, just think of the added confidence you would have during an interview, not to mention how much more flexible you would be in a hospital or clinic environment. Let’s face it, in today’s economy, the person who is the most valuable is going to be the one who secures a position. To stay ahead of the game, it might be a smart decision to have more than one type of training under your belt.

Where to Find Express CNA Training Centers?

Currently, Express CNA Training Centers have cropped up in different locations of Florida, including Fort Myers, Gainesville, Lake City, Naples, Ocala, Pensecola, and Vero Beach.

Look for these express, all -inclusive medical training centers to come to your area. This is a smart move for CNA training and we should see more complete medical training centers such as this one in the future.

If you do reside in the state of Florida and would like more information, contact them by email at: business@expresstrainingservices.com. They will direct you to specific locations of the Express CNA training centers.

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