Help After CNA Training- if you Stutter

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It can be hard being a CNA after CNA training. Patients sometimes think of as “less intelligent nurses”, who are often referred to as “less intelligent doctors.” It can feel like every move you make is on display for patients to judge, criticize, and even laugh at. For a CNA who stutters, these feelings are multiplied.

The truth is, though, they shouldn’t. Those who have taken CNA training and struggle with stuttering are actually most often more sympathetic and empathetic with patients. They are much more likely to advocate for the patients they care for with passion because they know what it’s like to be misunderstood and no listened to.

Of course, this doesn’t change things. If you feel like you’re on display after CNA training, and your stuttering is making you look bad in front of your patients and colleagues, here is a bit of helpful advice.

Stuttering After CNA Training

  • Play to Your Strengths- Your speech may not be everything you want it to be, but that doesn’t mean the rest of your skills aren’t honed and ready to go after CNA training. Play to those strengths. Recognize your limitations and then show your patients what you can do. Remain poised and professional at all times as well.
  • Do Away With Stereotypes- There’s a common misconception that those who stutter aren’t as smart as those who don’t. Blow this stereotype out of the water in everything you do after CNA training. Be professional, demonstrate your ability to perform CNA training skills, and always be there when your residents need you. Soon they won’t even notice you stutter.
  • Seek out Therapy- It’s hard to ask for help, but when you need it after CNA training, you have to be willing to embrace it. Seek out a few therapists or speech pathologists in your area who specialize in stuttering. Ask them for help in improving your stutter and increasing your fluency. It may not work immediately, but over time your may be able to speak more successfullly.
  • Make Friends- Because talking to others can be limited by your stutter, you may at first decide to stick it out on your own after CNA training. This isn’t a good idea. Your co-workers will be working with you day-in and day-out. The only way you’re going to help them understand that your difficulty is not a limitation that prevents you from providing care and kindness to your patients is by talking to them and establishing a relationship with them. Once they get to know you a little better, they’ll quickly realize that your speech impediment doesn’t stop you from being able to take care of your patients or successfully completing CNA training.

Don’t let Your Stutter Stop you After CNA Training

Worried about how your patients will look at you and react to your stutter once you become a CNA? With these tips, you can overcome those fears and embrace a more positive way of working after CNA training.

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