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How Hard Is CNA Training? | CNA Training Class

How Hard Is CNA Training?

By Melanie Ullman
There are a number of professions that are quite demanding and rewarding at the same time. Working as a can or Certified Nursing Assistant is not easy, but you will certainly love the work and getting to see your patients get better. You will take pride in helping them cope with and overcome their illness. However, before you get to practice you will need to undergo training. The courses last for anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks and this is certainly an advantage. However, the more important question is: how hard is CNA training?

The level of difficulty is different for the different people, but it can be safely said that this type of training is relatively easy. You will study the most important aspects of medical subjects such as anatomy and physiology. If you were relatively good in biology as school, you will certainly find these disciplines to be relatively easy and even fun. You will also have classes and infection control. These are not necessarily more demanding, but they are definitely not pleasant. Still, you will not find it hard to go through these. Nutrition is also present as a subject. A lot of people will find the classes devoted to healthy dieting easy, interesting and rewarding. Generally, the schooling part of the training is not difficult and the majority of students complete it successfully. Those who go through Red Cross CNA classes will have an easy time of it.

How hard is CNA training in terms of hands-on experience? You will have to affirm and put into practice the skills you acquire in class during the so called clinical activities. This part of the training is not hard either, but you have to be focused and dedicated in order to make the most out of it and get the most beneficial results. Given that the course is relatively short, you will really need to use the practice time to improve your skills and gain as much experience as possible.

In order to do well in your CNA training you need to have an excellent class attendance record. You are allowed to miss no more than 6 hours so you really have to take this course seriously and have effective time management. A lot of people find it hard to be punctual and to attend all classes, but given that the training will be through in no more than 3 months, you can really afford to reduce your outings and even to sleep a bit less.

How hard is CNA training in terms of exams? You need to complete two tests successfully in order to become a certified nursing assistant. You have to pass the skills test first. Then you can be allowed to take the written one. You need 80% or higher on your final exam in order to get the certificate you dream of. This might seem way too high to some people, but as said earlier the knowledge and the skills you need to have are not particularly complex. Generally, as long as you study hard and put a lot of effort into practice, you will do great.

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    CNA Training is never going to be easy as the board need to be sure the nurse can look after the patient. As mentioned in this article, excellence is a must.

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    Great article! I might do the CNA program

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    Hello there sir, thanks for this useful article you write, I actually was thinking about to get CNA training and will in future do so, I’ll keep up on your blog here.

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    I plan to do the CNA training so i can take care of my mom if she becomes ill. She does not want to go to a rest home. Good training to have just in case and being certified i get paid for this by the state i believe.

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