How to Avoid Gossip in the Workplace After CNA Training

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When you are working in a medical facility after CNA training, it can be easy to become comfortable with those you work with and fall into the habit of harmlessly passing information about certain individuals onto others. While it might seem innocent, it can lead to serious malicious gossip that can impact your life and the life of those you are talking about.


After CNA training, you need to know how to avoid this type of habit so you can spend your time actually caring for your patients and your coworkers who have completed CNA training can do the same.


Gossip and Its Affects After CNA Training


What is gossip? While you may not be taught of the dangers of gossip during CNA training, you need to know exactly what it is and what can happen so you can avoid complications in the workplace after CNA training.


Gossip is defined as rumors or idle talk about the private or personal affairs of other individuals. While it is a popular way of expressing views or facts about others lives, it can lead to errors in information and changes to stories as they are passed from one individual to another.


Curiosity fuels gossip. It often begins with a genuine concern, as well. You may simply want to know how someone is doing. However, it can quickly turn into gossip when you begin looking at the affairs of others and begin dissecting and judging them. Gossip after CNA training often involves your co-workers’ private relationships, their financial situations, and their home lives, none of which you need to be thinking about, let alone telling others about.


So, how do you avoid listening to gossip after CNA training or becoming spreading gossip yourself?


  • Don’t Ask- If you don’t want to be involved with gossip after CNA training, then simply don’t ask anyone except the individual you want information from. Don’t ask their sister, their mother, or another coworker. This is gossip.


  • Don’t Tell- If you do happen to hear gossip, don’t spread it any further! If you know the facts of a situation, directly from the individual themselves, and they don’t have your confidence, then state the facts. Don’t embellish stories to make them more entertaining or interesting and don’t pass on information you don’t know is true.


  • Ask Them to Stop- Constantly hearing gossip in your medical facility? If you don’t want to know that nurse A and resident B are having an affair, take matters into your own hands. Tell the gossiping individuals to stop what they are doing.


  • Confront- Do you know who your coworkers are gossiping about? After CNA training, do your best to stop the spread of gossip by confronting the individual who is being gossiped about. Let them know what is being said and give them the opportunity to stand up for themselves and protect themselves, especially if the gossip could ruin their marriage or cause them to lose their job.


Stop Gossiping After CNA Training


Gossip does not belong in the workplace. Not only can it damage relationships, but it can seriously affect your job after CNA training. Gossip can distract you from your patients and make it hard for you to do your job correctly. Use these tips to avoid gossip after CNA training.

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