How to be the Best CNA Possible After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

After CNA training, your job will be difficult, but it will be full of joy and rewards. Unfortunately, it may also be filled with other CNA’s who make your life unnecessarily hard. These CNAs have clashing personalities or simply don’t put any effort or care into their job. You can tell who they are easily, because the CNAs who do care about their patients stand out, are the first to be given raises, and do everything they can to make sure they have the knowledge necessary to ensure their patient’s health and safety.



So, which category do you fit into? Can you take the heat or will you simply crumble under all of the responsibilities? Do you have the heart, the personality, and knowledge to not only make it through CNA training, but actually make it on the job?


If you want to be the best CNA possible after CNA training, follow these simple guidelines.



Guide to Becoming a Great CNA After CNA Training


  • Make a Difference- If you are going to enter into CNA training, you need to do it for the right reasons. You should have a desire to help other and really make a difference in their lives. This will be the driving force that allows you to become the best CNA. This all starts with the right attitude. Loud and obnoxious individuals rarely make it in the health care industry, especially in nursing homes, where the majority of patients are elderly and won’t tolerate bad attitudes in their caregivers. A calm, considerate, and soothing attitude, along with a winning smile, can go a long way in making a difference in the way you work and your patient’s lives.


  • Watch Your Mouth- It seems surprising to me that so many individuals who complete CNA training don’t understand how a few simple words can ultimately paint them as a bad CNA and can ruin their career. If you want to be the best CNA possible after CNA training, watch your mouth when you are around patients, posting online, or even when you are outside the facility. You never know who is listening and watching, and even unrelated matters can be viewed negatively by family members and other employees.


  • Give Respect- Often, the one thing that sets the good CNAs apart from the bad ones after CNA training is their ability to take care of their patients. Great CNAs are able to treat patients like their own family, while maintaining professional boundaries, can be firm, but approachable, and know what every patient they care for requires. They know how to be respectful to patients, family members, and other staff members. They can smile even when they are on the last leg of a 16 hour shift and are able to answer, or find the answer, to any questions patients and family members might have.



Defining a Great CNA After CNA Training



There are a lot of qualities that separate the good CNAs from the bad ones after CNA training, but these three are the most essential. Make sure you have the heart, the desire, the attitude, and the ability to show respect to everyone you work with before you think of taking CNA training.

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