How to Become a Nurse Consultant for the Legal System

how to become a nurseLegal nurse consultants work as part of a legal team and share their medical expertise to help that team accomplish its goals. However, these consultants don’t always work for a typical attorney, although many do. As a nurse consultant, you can also work for hospitals, clinics, government agencies, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies.


Sound like something you’re interested in? Let’s show you how to get there.

How to Become a Nurse Consultant

Becoming a legal nurse consultant begins with your nursing degree. You’ll need to earn your associate or bachelor of science in nursing and then sit for the NCLEX-RN to earn your RN license. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to find employment in the nursing field.

To become a nursing consultant for the legal system, it doesn’t matter what specialty you work in. Legal nurse consultants can be experts in anything from pediatric to geriatric care. Most firms will require you to have at least five years of experience under your belt.

After this, you can begin working and gaining experience in legal nursing. You’ll need at least two years in this field before you can become a certified legal nurse consultant.

You can not work in this field simply by completing CNA training and working as a health care assistant. The type of knowledge it demands is more than you’ll learn in a CNA class.

Responsibilities of a Legal Nurse Consultant

As a legal nurse consultant, you’ll have a number of duties, including:

  • Testifying- You may be asked to testify as an expert in certain cases. This is where your specific specialty experience comes in handy. You’ll only be able to testify if the case pertains to your specialty. However, you don’t have to testify at all if you don’t want to. You can choose to never testify and still have a fulfilling career as a consultant.
  • Interpret- You’ll need to be able to interpret medical information for attorneys or clients who may not understand them. You’ll have to write up brief or comprehensive reports explaining diagnoses, treatment plans, medical records, and medical terms. You’ll need to educate your client on what this information means and how it pertains to the case.
  • Expert Witness- If the case pertains to another specialty than yours or you choose not to testify, you may be asked to help find an expert witness. You’ll help to prepare the witnesses for deposition and the trial they will be involved in.
  • Research- There is a lot of research involved in this nursing career. You’ll need to read a lot of literature to review and summarize depositions. You’ll only be responsible for the medical area of this research, however. The legal area will be left to the attorney.

While a lot of work goes into becoming and working as a legal nurse consultant, you can earn between $49,000 and $64,000 a year. You can also have the choice of working in-house with a company or working from home.

Are you wondering how to become a nurse consultant for the legal system? Start with your degree and become a registered nurse. After a few years of experience, you can join this nursing field and help bring clarity to medical terms and conditions others don’t understand.


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