How to Become a Nurse in Dermatology

how to become a nurseWhether you’ve completed CNA training and been working as a health care assistant for some time or are just out of high school and dreaming of being a nurse, finding the right career path is never easy- especially in nursing. There are so many different paths to choose from, and sometimes it can be difficult to know just which one is right for you.

In nursing these paths are called specialties, and they help determine exactly how you will spend your days in the medical field. There are nurses who specialize in pediatrics, where they are responsible for taking care of children and the ailments related to children. There are even nurses who specialize in cardio, caring for patients who suffer from heart problems or who have the potential to.

One popular specialty you might consider, however, is dermatology. It isn’t all just moles and cancerous lesions, although these are definitely part of it. These nurses have a variety of duties relating to the epidermis. Want to learn more about how to become a nurse in dermatology? Read on.

How to Become a Nurse in Dermatology: Job Duties

Dermatology nurses need to be structured, organized and research-oriented. Still, they can’t be afraid to get their hands dirty either. These nurses help patients by caring for diseases of the skin, injuries and wounds. They are also responsible for other tasks, like:

  • Performing chemical peels
  • Treating burn victims
  • Screening patients for skin cancer
  • Treating patients post plastic surgery

The skin is an organ, just like the heart, and that makes this field a large one. After all, the skin is the largest organ of the body, accounting for about 16 percent of body weight and taking up about 2 meters. Because this organ is so large and so important, nurses in dermatology can work in many different locations, including plastic surgeons’ offices, private practices and the burn wards of hospitals.

How to Become a Nurse in Dermatology

Does caring for the largest organ on the body sound appealing to you? If you’ve got an eye for research and a passion for helping others, becoming a nurse in dermatology might just be the right option for you. Here’s how to do it:

  • Earn your degree to become an RN. This can be through an associate of science in nursing, bachelor of science in nursing or certification.
  • Take the NCLEX so you can officially become a registered nurse.
  • Work at least 2,000 hours in the dermatology field over the course of at least two years.
  • Take the dermatology certification examination to earn your credentials.

Once you pass this test, you will be a DNC, or Certified Dermatology Nurse. According to, you can begin earning as much as $101,481 a year, not including bonuses.

Thinking of becoming a nurse? Find out more about the different field available to you, whether you’re currently a health care assistant or simple ready to start your new career in the medical field, and learn more about how to become a nurse now.

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