How to Become a Nurse: Infusion Nursing

how to become a nurseIf you’ve finished CNA training and begun working as a health care assistant, you may discover quickly that your job in the health care field is exactly what you were looking for. You get to care for patients, provide them with what they need on a daily basis and give them the attention they deserve. However, being a health care assistant may not be the end of the road for you. You may want something more than being a CNA. Maybe you just want more responsibility, or perhaps a higher paycheck is what you’re craving. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in the nursing field.

There are many different kinds of nursing specialties available, though choosing the right one for you isn’t always easy. If you’re interested in interacting with patients in a structured environment, but want some independence when it comes to your day-to-day duties, becoming an infusion nurse may be the right option for you.

How to Become a Nurse: Infusion Nurse Duties

Infusion nursing is a specialty that involves injections of fluids and medications. As this type of nurse, you’ll be responsible for administering medications and fluids through IVs. You’ll also need to monitor the patients while they are under your care, taking note of any changes that may occur physically or mentally because of the medications. You’ll be in charge of maintaining arterial catheters and tubing as well.

In addition to these duties, an important part of your job will be staying informed of old and new drugs, their complications and any possible side effects your patients might have. You will spend a lot of your time researching medications and understanding how they react to other medications your patients may be taking. This information is essential to keeping your patients healthy while they are being treated.

Infusion nurses work in many locations throughout the medical field, including clinics, home health agencies, long-term care centers and hospitals. Some locations may allow you to work under your specialty parameters only, while others may require you to perform other nursing tasks at the same time.

How to Become a Nurse: Steps to Infusion Nursing

If you want to learn how to become a nurse with a specialty in infusion, you’ll first need to obtain your associate or bachelor of science in nursing and take the NCLEX test to become an RN. Afterwards, you will need to work in an infusion-related area of the medical field for at least 1,600 hours. This qualifies you to take the Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI) test. Once you have passed this test, you will have earned the credentials CRNI and can begin working independently as an infusion nurse.

As an infusion nurse, you can expect to earn between $44,000 and $57,000 a year. This, of course, will depend on your level of experience and where you live.

Trying to figure out what specialty suits you? Consider becoming an infusion nurse if you enjoy a structured environment with plenty of independence. Have another specialty in mind? Try researching a bit more with us on how to become a nurse.

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