How to Become a Nurse Manager

how to become a nurseSo you’ve been through CNA training, working as a CNA as you earned your title as a registered nurse. After a few years of experience in different health care facilities, though, you decided being a nurse just wasn’t enough. You have the skills and the intelligence to take on more. More work, more responsibility, and more money.

It’s for this reason that you’ve decide to become a nurse manager.

While you may have the talent and ability to succeed, though, learning how to become a nurse manager isn’t as simple as wanting it.

How to Become a Nurse Manager

  • Education- The first step to obtaining the role of a nurse manager is completing the minimum educational requirements. This can vary from employer to employer. Some will require you to simply have your registered nurse credentials, while others will expect for you to have a bachelor’s degree in nursing, at least, before you can apply to be a manager. As of January 2013, any nurse manager working in a hospital must have a nursing bachelor’s or graduate degree in order for the hospital to qualify for a special program, called the Magnet program, which is offered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. This program is the gold standard, ensuring that the hospital employs the best nurses, has the best patient outcomes, and has low nurse turnover rates.
  • Experience- Education may be the first step when learning how to become a nurse manager, but it isn’t the only one. You also need plenty of experience. Most facilities require at least two years of experience working as a nurse, but some may have you wait until you have at least five years of experience before allowing you to apply.
  • Certification- You don’t necessarily need certification to become a manager, but it can help you obtain jobs more quickly and actually lead to higher pay. In order to qualify for a CNML credential, or Certified Nurse Manager and Leader, you’ll need to do one of three things: either have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and be a nurse manager for two years, have a bachelor’s degree in another study and work as a nurse manager for three years, or have a n associate’s degree in nursing and work as a nurse manager for five years. You’ll then need to take an exam and receive a passing score to be given the professional certification.

Job Description and Pay Scale for Nurses

As a nurse manager, you’ll be responsible for much more than patient care, although that will still be part of your job description. Along with your normal responsibilities, you’ll also:

  • Collaborate with physicians
  • Manage finances for the facility
  • Supervise nurses
  • Recruit new nurses
  • Complete and oversee paperwork regarding disciplinary actions and medical records

Your pay will increase to reflect these new responsibilities. In fact, the average salary for a nurse manager in 2010 was about $82,000 a year.

Are you ready to take on more responsibility and further your career? Learn how to become a nurse manager today.

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