How to Become a Nurse: Three Degrees You Haven’t Heard About

how to become a nurseYou’ve made the decision. You want to become a nurse. You’ve filled out the applications for school, bought your books, and you’ve already completed your prerequisites. It seems like you’re ready for everything. Everything, that is, but the inevitable question: what’s your niche going to be?

With so many different areas of nursing, it can be difficult sometimes to decide exactly what kind you want to be. While you may have already explored some of the most popular options, there are some lesser-known nursing degrees that might be appealing to you. Yes, finding out more about them may take a couple of Google searches and a few minutes of your time to finish this article, but what’s the worst that could happen? You decide they aren’t right for you. The best? You find out these nursing degrees are what you’ve been searching for.

How to Become a Nurse: Are These Degrees for you?

Informatics- It shouldn’t come as a surprise. With everything becoming digital these days, the medical field was bound to catch up. Today, electronic medical records are the norm. Enter the nursing informatics degree. This specialty focuses on integrating nursing with technology. As an informatics nurse, you’ll be responsible for working with business owners, policy developers, and implementation consultants to put new technologies into practice and increase data and communication standards.

The best part about learning how to become a nurse in informatics is that this type of nurse typically doesn’t need as many clinical hours to obtain a master’s degree in nursing. These jobs are also in very high demand right now.

Research- It’s no surprise you’ve never heard of this degree. It’s typically hidden behind degrees like “Master of Nursing Science.” This specialty is all about research (of course,) so you’ll need to be comfortable with spending much of your time studying. To help you do this, make sure you look into the course options at your nursing school and see if there are options for learning how to obtain grants and designing studies for research. Keep in mind as well that you might not have a lot of contact with patients as a research nurse.

Holistic Care- As a holistic nurse, you aren’t just healing a person physically, but spiritually and mentally as well. This type of nursing requires you to think about every aspect, from what a patient eats to how they think. You’ll need a bachelor’s or master’s degree for this niche, as well as a certification.

As a holistic nurse, it’s important that you understand that many patients who come to you will want health care assistance that is geared toward alternative medicine. Many will want to avoid invasive medical procedures and unnecessary medications if possible. It will be your job to work with the medical team to come up with alternatives.

Finished with CNA training and want to make the leap from health care assistant to nurse? Learn how to become a nurse and find the niche that speaks to you.

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