How to Cope With Drama in the Workplace After CNA Training

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After CNA training, it can sometimes feel like your entire life is devoted to the workplace. And this isn’t far off. In fact, you most likely spend one-third of your life in the hospital, nursing home, or other medical center- and that’s not counting the extra shifts you take on occasionally to fatten your paycheck. Unfortunately, this career is a stressful one, mainly because CNAs devote so much of themselves emotionally and physically to their work and the individuals they work with.

Dealing with this stress can become even harder when the individuals you work with create unnecessary drama in your life. That doesn’t mean you have to live with it though; there are steps you can take to deal with drama in the workplace after CNA training.

Drama After CNA Training

  • When You’re Dragged Into it- Does it feel like, no matter what you do, your co-workers seem to keep dragging you into their drama? Here’s how to deal: instead of adding to the drama, speak up. Let all parties know that you don’t approve of it and suggest they take it up after work. Then, step back, get away from the situation, and continue about your business.
  • When Patients Die- This type of drama is one that simply can’t be avoided, and a stress that many of use face on a daily basis after CNA training. After working closely with patients, it can be very difficult to see them say goodbye. Don’t let this sadness completely take over your life, however, or you’ll quickly be on the road to burnout. Instead, find a co-worker you can talk to or even your boss. Get your feelings out! Sometimes having someone there to listen is all it takes to move from grief to acceptance.
  • The Frustrating Nurse- After CNA training, the majority of nurses you work with will be understanding, wonderful, and professional. However, there are some Nurse Ratchets out there that seem to only have one goal in mind for their life: making your every moment miserable. Instead of giving in to their sarcastic remarks, subtle jabs, and open anger, remain calm. Or, if you can’t actually stay calm, simply act like you are. This will not only make you feel calmer, but it will prevent the nurse from obtaining the reaction she wanted and give you time to get away from the situation.
  • The Nosy Co-Worker- We’ve all been there; after CNA training, some co-workers just want to know everything. Unfortunately, most of these individuals have a hard time keeping the knowledge they learn to themselves. If you don’t want your life story spread around the hospital after CNA training, don’t engage this individual. And, if you hear other stories spreading, confront this nosy co-worker to let them know this is not acceptable in the workplace.

Dealing With Stress After CNA Training

Having a hard time dealing with life’s stress after CNA training? Don’t let workplace drama get you down. Use these tips to remain calm and drama-free after CNA training.

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