How to Deal With Theft After CNA Training

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I worked in a nursing home right after CNA training for a couple of years. They had paid for my CNA training, and I was required to work for them for at least 6 months. I liked it so much, though, I worked longer. During that time, many things changed. The nursing home went from having a small closet where we could obtain all the items we needed (if we were fast enough,) to an entirely new wing and new large rooms full of supplies.

While we kept most of our supplies on carts we took with us up and down the halls, there were a few supplies that we would stick in our scrub pockets to take into each of the rooms, like extra trash can liners and packets of skin cream.

At night, when I’d go home, I’d occasionally find these items still sitting in my scrub pockets. I didn’t realize it then, but I was stealing. Of course, I’d always put them back in my pockets for the next day of work, but that’s not the point. I was stealing, even momentarily, from the nursing home I worked at after CNA training.

Have you ever “accidentally” stolen something from your workplace after CNA training? Have you see others who have? How do you deal with it?

After CNA Training: If Your Co-workers are Stealing

Talk to Them- In some cases, like mine, your co-workers may be so tired after their 16 hour shifts that they don’t realize they are still carrying a bottle of mouthwash in their scrubs pocket. Taking them aside and letting them know, privately, that they forgot to empty out their pockets, may be all that is necessary for them to stop stealing.

Talk to Your Supervisor- In some cases, after CNA training, stealing is much more severe than simply taking a packet of skin cream home. If you see your co-workers stealing patients’ personal belongings, stealing money, or stealing food from the cafeteria, arrange a private meeting with your supervisor and let them know what is going on. They will be able to gather evidence supporting or disproving your accusation and take care of the problem as quickly as possible.

Know What Stealing is- Stealing comes in all shapes and sizes. While in some cases it’s easy to spot, (like when a co-workers steals money from a patients’ bedside,) there are other forms of stealing that may not be as obvious. For instance, if your co-worker arrives five minutes late, but puts on her time sheet that she arrived on time, she is stealing. This form of stealing involves stealing money from the company for time that she didn’t work.

Contact HR- If you’ve talked to the employee and your supervisor after CNA training and nothing is done about the thefts that are occurring, talk to your HR department. Because they have less interaction with employees, they offer greater anonymity and are much more likely to take action.

Stop Thefts After CNA Training

Have you witnessed a theft? Take steps to deal with it after CNA training.

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