How to Get a Student Loan Fast for Your CNA Training

cna trainingStudent Loans for CNA Training

Okay, here’s the scenario; you’ve just discovered that CNA training starts next month and you need to get the tuition together. You’ve wanted to complete CNA training, earn your certification and start your new career but now you’re afraid you’ll have to wait until the next session on the CNA training schedule. Not so fast. Before you give up hope, here’s some information on student loans that may be music to your ears.

Best Places to Get a Student Loan Fast to Pay for Your CNA Training

If you’re looking for a quick student loan, you won’t be able to go through government programs, since they all have deadlines and take several weeks to approve.  There are a few private agencies that provide student loans. As always beware of fraudulent companies or anyone who wants you to pay a fee for possible loan approval.

We’ve provided a list of agencies and institutions that provide student loans for CNA training, but please be sure to check them out for yourself. We offer no guarantee, real or implied that any of the agencies listed below will keep the promises they make on their websites.

Agencies and Institutions Offering Student Loans for CNA Training

  • Union Federal – You’ll have to pass an initial credit review with this company. To qualify, you’ll apply and then the student loan repayments will be hooked directly to your bank account for automatic, monthly payments. One of the benefits of this lender is the fact that you can choose to defer payments for up to 5 years while you are in school, although you will be responsible to pay the interest. You won’t need your loan deferred for that length of time with CNA training, but it’s always nice to have that option. The application process can literally take as little as 15 minutes and you’ll have an instant credit decision. You’ll need a cosigner for this lender, but after you’ve made timely payments for a predefined period, your cosigner may be released.
  • Wells Fargo Student Loans - Wells Fargo has a broadly diverse, wide range of student loans to choose from. They currently offer low cost student loans that can be approved and obtained pretty quickly. Interest rates are subject to change, but run anywhere from 3.4% – 5.68% right now. For lower interest rates, a cosigner is always a big help. If you are taking your CNA training from a Community College, you’ll have additional loan options.
  • Discover Student Loans – Discover, (yep the same company that offers the credit card by the same name) offer an excellent student loan with interest rates ranging from 3.25%-9.5%, depending on your credit history. They also offer zero payments while you’re in CNA training. Most applicants receive an instant credit decision and the entire process can be completed online.

With those three lending agencies you should be able to find the help you need to take your CNA training classes quickly. With the instant approval and funds to your account within 48 hours, you may be able to take your CNA training even if you’ve cut it close to the deadline.

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