How to Pass the Clinical Portion of the CNA Training Exam

cna trainingPassing the Clinical Portion of the CNA Training Exam

Worried about the clinical part of your CNA training exam? It is the more difficult of the two parts of the exam and the portion more CNA training students get nervous about. The first part of your CNA training exam is multiple choice and since we’ve all been conditioned to take these types of quizzes all through school, it’s nor really that much of a stressor as the clinical portion. But, don’t worry, by the time you finish reading this article you’ll be well prepared and not nearly as nervous.

What is the Clinical Portion of the CNA Training Exam?

For those of you who aren’t aware, the clinical portion of the CNA training exam is the part of your exam in which you, the student, will be required to perform certain medical procedures that you have learned during your CNA training. I think this is what makes it so stressful to the students, –sort of like the fear of public speaking or stage fright. The best way to diffuse the fear is by knowing what to expect. Knowledge is power and it equips you for what’s ahead.

What to Expect From the Skills Demonstration Portion of Your CNA Training Exam

In order to pass the skills section of your CNA training test, you’ll need to remember this one thing. Are you ready? During each skill demonstration the exam representative is looking for you to perform a certain number of steps in the right order. That’s all? Yes. That’s the most important thing to remember. If you memorize all of your skills by the number of steps they have and know the order, you’ll pass this portion of the CNA training exam with ease. Of course, you’ll also need to perform the steps in a confident manner and be pleasant and informative to your patient. Even if the patient is a dummy be sure to explain what you’ll be doing and ask the patient if they understand.

Now that you have that secret, it’s a little less stressful, isn’t it? I told you it would be!

How Many Skills Demonstrations Will I Be Required to Complete for My CNA Training Exam?

You will be required to perform anywhere from 3-5 different skills during this part of your CNA training exam. Some of the most common tests are:

  • Demonstrate providing  a bed pan to a patient
  • Stripping and changing the bed linens on an occupied
  • Repositioning a patient in a wheel chair or their bed
  • Taking vital signs
  • Turning a patient off of pressure points

Also keep this in mind: The exam providers who will be grading you are not there to confuse or  trick you. They are just making sure you include all of the necessary steps required. Most students fail in the simplest steps like forgetting to wash their hands or to ask a patient if they would like to be repositioned. This question relates to the privacy and dignity portion of the CNA training that you have learned.

By keeping these tips in mind, you won’t forget any of the steps, and you’ll pass the clinical portion of your CNA training exam with ease.

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