How to Register for Your CNA Training Class

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We recently had a question from one of our CNA Training Class visitors on how to register for CNA classes. For many who have not yet started down the path toward their new career, this is a very common question, and one that should be addressed.



Registering for a CNA training class isn’t as difficult as you might think. In fact, our recent articles describing the prerequisites required for CNA training can assist you with a large part of this registration process. Today, though, we will walk you through, step by step, how to register and let you know what you need in order to begin your CNA training.


Registering for Your CNA Training


  • Find CNA Training- The first step, of course, is to find CNA training in your area. Talk to your local nursing homes and hospitals. They will be able to tell you about local classes in your area. You can even check with your state registry for locations or visit community colleges in your area. If you would rather take your CNA training online, do so through a reputable training website, like the American Red Cross’ site.


  • Prerequisites- Once you have located a CNA training program you want to attend, call or visit them to discuss what prerequisites are required for the program. Many of these classes will not allow you to register unless you have already completed the prerequisites, like graduating from high school, taking the COMPASS test, or passing a physical exam. The sooner you find out what your particular CNA class requires, the faster you will be able to register.


  • Registration- After you have met all of the prerequisite requirements, you are now ready to register. You can usually do so in person, on the phone, or online. Make sure to ask which form of registration you need to use when you discuss the prerequisites with your CNA training instructor. Some classes do not allow new students to register online, while others prefer all registrations take place in person.


  • Payment- At the time of your registration, no matter which way you decide to register, you will need to pay for your CNA training class. You will not only have to pay your tuition, but the fees associated with your textbook, equipment, uniform, background checks, medical testing, and sometimes insurance for your clinical training. You will need to determine the type of payment accepted by your facility, and if you are being sponsored by an employer or organization, you will need to present proof of your sponsorship in the form of a voucher or have the employer or organization make the payment prior to your registration.


  • Information- When you register for a CNA training class, you will need to provide the same basic information you would if you were signing up for any other college-level course. This includes identification, social security information, your phone number and address. You may also need to include medical information, like your past immunizations and allergies.


Register for CNA Training Today


Are you ready to start your new career as a CNA? We hope this short guide has been helpful in assisting you in registering for your classes. If you still are unsure of what to do, however, remember to start your registration by finding a CNA class in your area. Your instructor will be able to walk you through exactly what you need after that so you can start CNA training.

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