How to Report Abuse After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

When you are completely done with your CNA training, you expect to become employed in a facility full of caring and loving individuals who want nothing more than to provide the best for patients and residents. And, whether you work in a nursing home, hospital, or other type of medical facility, you are going to be working alongside other CNA who are exactly like that.


However, not all of those who complete CNA training are cut out for the life of a nursing assistant. Some are simply there for the paycheck, and when the going gets rough, they get rough themselves.


Today, we are going to discuss this second group of individuals, and what you should do if you witness abuse, whether verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual, taking place in the medical facility you work at after CNA training.


What to Do About Abuse After CNA Training


If you witness abuse by another CNA, nurse, or doctor after CNA training, it is your responsibility to do something about it. Listed here are some step-by-step instructions on how to handle these types of situations.


  • Report it- If you see any type of abuse, or any action that borders on abusive, don’t hesitate to report it. Go to your head nurse, or to the director of nursing if possible and let her know exactly what you saw. You may feel awkward about reporting a fellow CNA, but remember: you aren’t there to make friends; you are there to protect and care for the patients and residents. That is your number one priority.


  • Write it Down- When you report abuse after CNA training, your DON is going to ask you to write down a clear and legible description of the incident. Make sure you include all of the necessary details, like what you were doing, what you saw, how far away you were, and whether there were any other witnesses to the incident. Make sure you also include the time and date that the abuse occurred, the name of the resident, or residents, abused, and the name of the accused CNA.


  • Testify- You will learn during CNA training that when a report of abuse is made, all of the individuals involved in it will be interviewed by the state and that interview will be documented. This can include the abuser, any witnesses, and yourself. You will be required to answer a number of questions about the incident and sign a written statement if it is possible.


  • Go to the State- While most nursing homes and hospitals will report incidents of abuse immediately to the authorities and state nursing board, some may not be as quick to, as they might think having an abuser on staff will look bad on their facility. If nothing occurs when you fill out your report, or worse, you are punished for reporting the crime after CNA training, contact the state board of nursing yourself for answers.


Report Abuse After CNA Training


Your residents and patients deserve to be cared for and loved. After CNA training, make sure you report any forms of abuse, no matter who is doing the abusing. Remember, you are your patient’s voice, and you must do everything you can to protect them after CNA training.

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