How to Stand Out and Gain the Recognition You Deserve After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

Sometimes it isn’t easy being a CNA after CNA training. You rarely receive a ‘thank you,’ your paycheck barely covers the bills, and every day, the tasks you are assigned make your mind spin and your body ache. No one, including the nurses above you, the administration, and even your patients, seems to appreciate the time, dedication, and effort you put in to your work every single day.

In reality, there’s really nothing you should be receiving high praises for. After all, you were hired to do all of those tasks; they are in your job description. Every other CNA is doing the same thing, so why should you be praised or admired for the same hard work after CNA training? You shouldn’t, because your effort and determination to do your job correctly is simply part of your job. If you want to stand out, and be admired by those around you, you have to take steps to go above and beyond your job description.

Standing Out After CNA Training


Want to gain the praise of the administration and recognition from nurses or patients? Stand out from every other CNA in the following ways.

  • Attendance- How many of your fellow co-workers call in to work sick every month? Unfortunately, this is becoming more common in many workplaces. While it isn’t good for the nursing home or hospital you work at, it might actually be a good thing for you after CNA training. By coming into work when others won’t and having near perfect attendance, you can stand out from the crowd and become the CNA your supervisors count on. As long as you aren’t contagious, vomiting, or have a family emergency, don’t call in.
  • Complaining- You are going to have bad days after CNA training, and days when you just don’t think you can handle working as a CNA anymore. If you want to stand out from the crowd, face these days head-on without grumbling or complaining. Be a team player and do what needs to be done to care for your patients.
  • Take Initiative- Did you finish all of your work early? Have some down time? Don’t sit down and take a break, take some initiative and keep going. Help other CNAs with their work, restock carts, or answer a call light for patients who aren’t on your hall. Your supervisor will take notice, and you will stand out from your co-workers after CNA training.
  • Offer to Train- When a CNA first completes CNA training and begins working in health care, they need assistance learning the ropes. You can be the one to help them. The next time your nursing home or hospital hires a new CNA, offer to be the one that trains them. This shows your supervisors you are willing to take on any necessary responsibility and care about ensuring the quality of care your patients receive.

Your normal job responsibilities may be tough after CNA training, but that doesn’t mean you automatically deserve special recognition.Use these tips and stand out from the crowd after CNA training.

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