How to Stay Fresh and Valuable in Your CNA Career

cna training classOnce your CNA training class is behind you and you have begun a solid CNA career, the newness and excitement can begin to fade. In order to stay valuable in the industry and keep on top of your game, it’s important to find ways to keep that new feeling alive. By avoiding the day to day grind that so many of us fall into in our careers you will be setting yourself on a positive path that can lead to increases in pay and even promotions. Your CNA training took time and effort to complete. Don’t lose what you have gained by allowing your career choice to turn into just another eight hours to put in. Here are a few solid tips that will keep your vision fresh and your skills challenged as a certified nursing assistant.

Continue to Set Goals in Your CNA Career

Let’s say you’ve landed a nice position in your CNA career. You are working¬† in a respected hospital and you’re feeling pretty good about your hours, your position, and your responsibility. In order to stay fresh and add value to your position, it’s important that you set weekly or monthly goals for yourself. Instead of allowing yourself to just perform the basic duties you are responsible for, set a personal goal to learn something new or improve one of your skills each week.

Maybe you’ve noticed that the way the linens are collected each morning is a waste of time. Sometimes facilities that have certain ways of doing things fall into patterns that could be improved upon. You can add value to your position as a certified nursing assistant by taking a proactive approach to problem solving and time saving efforts on your shift. Any time you notice something that is in need of improvement, try to think of a possible solution and then bring the entire situation (problem plus possible solution) to your supervisor, or the RN in charge of your shift. You may not be noticed for your efforts right away, but over time you will be seen as the “go to person” for problem solving. This will increase your chances of getting that raise you’ve been after and will also provide you with additional job security.

One Proactive Approach Can Lead to Instant Recognition

One CNA who was concerned about the safety of her elderly patients s noticed ¬†that the wheel chairs had extra slippery seats. As a result, her patients always ended up sliding down the chair and would end up in uncomfortable looking positions. This concerned her for two reasons. First, she didn’t want her patients to be uncomfortable and second, it really was a waste of time to continue to straighten out her patients by pulling them up in their chair every hour or so. Taking a proactive approach, she decided to use rubber shelf lining on the seats of the wheelchair. This served to help hold the patients in place and keep them from sliding forward. After getting permission from the RN in charge, she went ahead and used this technique on all of the patients. As a result, the facility had chair pads specially made for each patient and the credit went entirely to the CNA who came up with this excellent idea. She was soon viewed as a leader and important team player in the facility and became involved in board meetings and planning committees with the other staff. Of course, she was also financially rewarded for her “above and beyond” approach to her career, but you can also see how thinking in this manner also kept her job and her career goals fresh for her.

Whatever you are currently involved in, whether it is your CNA training class or your career as a certified nursing assistant, be sure to keep it fresh, continue to set goals, and be completely dedicated right where you are. By doing so you’ll have a bright future ahead of you in your CNA career.×250-iframe/blue_elearners_QDF_V2.asp?&cid=3AC4A6&tsource=mbccqdf

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