How to Survive as a Male CNA After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

When most individuals think of CNA training and the career of a certified nursing assistant, they think of women. It’s no surprise, really; this career is dominated by women, just like nursing. However, that doesn’t mean there are no male CNAs or that men aren’t just as excellent at being CNAs as women are.


If you are a male CNA, walking into this “women’s world” may be a bit intimidating after CNA training. It doesn’t have to be though; there are some tips you can take advantage of to survive.


Tips for Male CNAs After CNA Training


  • Learn the Venutian Ways- You know the old saying, “Men come from Mars, women come from Venus?” This saying refers to the fact that men and women live in two different world, with two different languages, and two different types of personalities. While this may be true, when you work in a career that if filled with women after CNA training, you need to find common ground. Even if the only things you have in common are that you are all CNAs, this is a step to getting along and working well together.


  • Don’t be That Guy- Stereotypes exist for a reason; not so you can live up to them, but so you can avoid them at all costs. You may be surrounded by beautiful women who aren’t afraid to get a little dirty for the sake of caring for those who can’t care for themselves, but that doesn’t mean you should be THAT guy who says the wrong thing, does the wrong thing, or thinks he is so much better. After CNA training, this could mean little to no help from your team and no friendships you can rely on.


  • Become Invisible- Not literally, of course. After CNA training, don’t let others see you as a man. Instead, become invisible and camouflages so you are viewed simply as another CNA and a co-worker.


  • Put the Toilet Seat Down- Many times in facilities like nursing homes, there are no male and female bathrooms available to employees; there is simply one bathroom that serves everyone. After CNA training, keep in mind that you are not at home when you are working. If you use the bathroom, be respectful of your female co-workers and always remember to put the toilet seat down! Unfortunately for you, this female-dominated occupation means there probably aren’t too many male CNAs working the same shift, making it easy to figure out who the culprit is if you forget to put down the seat.


After CNA Training: It’s All in Fun


Yes, some of these are completely silly suggestions for surviving as a male CNA after CNA training. Gender typically isn’t an issue among health care workers unless you make it one. However, there is a glimmer of truth in each of these silly tips: respect. Whether you are male or female, always make sure you give your coworkers the respect they deserve after CNA training, whether that means putting down the toilet seat, appreciating the differences between genders, or avoiding opening your mouth before you think. With a little respect, you can ensure you and your coworkers get along after CNA training.


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