How to Verify CNA Training Accreditation

cna trainingCNA Training

Enrolling in CNA training may be the most important step you take in your life. It may help you start a career that you’d never before dreamed you’d have. However, if you’re going to work as a CNA, you have to first have to make sure the school you’re attending is legitimate and will offer you a CNA training certification that will be recognized by your state.

This means you have to verify the accreditation of your CNA training. While accreditation is often referred to when discussing online schools, it is important to both online and brick and mortar institutions. Finding out whether your CNA training is accredited isn’t hard, but it’s an important detail that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Determining Accreditation for Your CNA Training

  • School’s Website- The first place to visit is the school’s website. If the school is reputable at all, they will discuss their credentials somewhere on the site and list the agency that has accredited their CNA training program. If they are a good school and are actually accredited, they won’t try to hide this info; it will be readily available for you to see.
  • Contact the Accrediting Agency- Once you’ve found the information regarding the CNA training accreditation, don’t stop there. You don’t know that the school didn’t lie or put the information there so students wouldn’t ask questions. Call the accrediting agency to confirm or visit their website. They sometimes offer lists of schools they have accredited.
  • Visit Other Sites- The U.S. Department of Education, or USDE, has a website that will allow you to search for your school’s accreditation information easily. Another site run by the USDE, called the College Navigator, will provide you with this information as well. You can also visit the site for the Council of Higher Education Accreditation. Almost every school that is accredited in the United States will be listed on this site.
  • State Nursing Board- Still have doubts or worried that your CNA training program isn’t accredited? Contact your state nursing board. They will not only be able to tell you if the CNA training program you’re thinking of taking is approved by the state, but they will also be able to provide you with plenty of information on other CNA training classes if the one you chose isn’t a good option.

Finding Accredited CNA Training

If you’re worried that you might get scammed when you’re taking CNA training, skip the accreditation check altogether and simply call your state board of nursing for a recommended on programs in your area that have been accredited and are approved by the state. They have all of this information on file and will be happy to help you locate the training program that will help you succeed in the future.

Are you ready for CNA training? If you think you’ve found the perfect school for you, take the time to ensure it is accredited. This way you will be sure you’ll be able to graduate and start your career as quickly as possible. Use these tips today to determine and verify the accreditation of your CNA training.

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