How to Work as a Team After CNA Training

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Isn’t teamwork great? After CNA training, there’s a good chance that everyone in your particular workplace would have to agree that taking care of patients becomes much easier when everyone works together as a team. Unfortunately, team work after CNA training can be quite a challenge. Some of the most common complaints CNAs have about working as a team are:

  • Some CNAs don’t pull their own weight. They expect everyone else to do their job for them.
  • The nurses can sometimes treat CNAs as if they are dumb. While CNA training is nowhere near as extensive as nursing school, many CNAs have experience and know-how when it comes to treating their patients that could help the nurses do a better job.
  • Certain CNAs will throw a child-like tantrum after CNA training if you ask them to help you with anything. They believe their paycheck only depends on what they are assigned to do, and that’s all they want to do.
  • Many times CNAs and nurses who work together lack a certain respect for each other.

Team-Building After CNA Training

Working as a team after CNA training may be tough, but it’s certainly not impossible. In order to be a part of the team and encourage others to work together, there are a few different things you need to do after CNA training.

  • Change Your Attitude- No matter what’s happened in the past, the best way to begin working as a team is to change your attitude. If you’re no longer fueling the fire, there won’t be much for your fellow CNAs and nurses to argue about.
  • Be Confident- While some nurses or even more experienced CNAs may look down on your abilities or even offer too much criticism, the way you respond is completely up to you. After CNA training, think about what you know and believe in yourself. Even when certain individuals try to bring you down, don’t let them. Stand up strong for your belief in yourself.
  • Show Respect- There’s an old saying that says in order to get respect, you have to show respect. While this may not always be the case, it’s important that you show respect toward others if you want to be a true part of the team after CNA training. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to like the people you work with, but being kind to them, listening to their opinions, and empathizing with them is important.
  • Pull Your Own Weight- If you’re going to work with others after CNA training, you have to be willing to do your part. Your tasks may not always be pleasant, but they do demand your attention and thorough action. Don’t be the CNA who is always standing around. Jump in and do what you can to help everyone else after CNA training.

Work as a Team After CNA Training

Ready to work as a team with your co-workers after CNA training? It all starts with a change in your attitude, a bit of confidence, and the ability to respect others- even if you don’t like them. With these changes you’ll truly be a part of the team after CNA training.

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