How You Can Qualify for CNA Training Exemption

cna trainingCNA Training Exemptions?

There are a few reasons why you, as a CNA, may be required to retake your CNA training. You might be moving to another state, many of which require re-certification and additional CNA training before you can begin working as a CNA. Or perhaps you let your certification lapse recently, as you pursued other careers you thought you might enjoy more, but now you have decided that being a certified nursing assistant was the right choice for you after all.

Whatever your reason for needing to become certified again, retaking your CNA training may not be your only option.

Qualifying for CNA Training Exemption

In certain states in the U.S., like Michigan and Texas, CNAs who have previously undergone CNA training and have let their certification lapse may qualify for CNA training exemption. If requirements are met for the exemption, CNAs will be able to retake the CNA test in the state they are residing in and begin working as certified nursing assistants immediately after they receive a passing grade and re-obtain their certification.

This exemption is also available for CNAs who have moved into another state and have previously undergone training to become a certified nursing assistant. To determine if you qualify, consider the following requirements for each situation.

Expired Certification Within Your State

  • You must be able to send a copy of your registry document to your state nurse aide registry, along with an application for exemption.
  • Your certification must have expired less than two years before submitting the application.
  • You must be able to submit a letter from your employer stating that you have worked at least 8 hours as a certified nursing assistant within the past year. The letter must be authorized and signed by the Director of Nursing, Facility Administrator, or Assistant Director of Nursing.

Out-of-State Certification

  • You must hold or have held a CNA certification for another state within the past year.
  • You must be able to send your current state‚Äôs nurse aide registry a copy of your out-of-state certificate. Each state you are certified in will provide verification for your document.
  • If your certificate has expired within the last year or your certificate does not list an expiration date, you must be able to submit an original employee letter stating the dates you were employed as a CNA and your employer must very if that you have completed at least 8 hours of work during the past year.

Completed CNA Training in Another State

If you completed your CNA training in another state, but did not receive your certification in that state, you can qualify for exemption as well. You must fill out the appropriate application and provide detailed information about your training facility, including the name, date started and completed, course syllabus, and your achievement record.

Exemption allows you to take the CNA test in your state without repeating your CNA training. Applications must be filled out completely and be submitted to the nurse aide registry or Bureau of Health Professionals in your state. If you have let your CNA certification lapse, or you are planning on moving to another state, check to see if you can qualify for training exemption so you can begin working as a CNA as quickly as possible.

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