How’s the Quality of Your CNA Training?

cna trainingCNA Training

We’ve talked a lot about accreditation, finding the right ‘fit’ when it comes to choosing a school, and even what to look for to avoid CNA training scams, but do you know how to find quality CNA training? We’re not talking about training that is state approved or has the correct number of required hours per federal and state regulations; this is a given. We’re talking about the quality of the lectures, of the teachers, and of the skills you’ll learn. Have you found a CNA training program that will give you every skill and all the knowledge you’ll need to be successful, or are you attending a course that simply skims by with the basics they are required to teach?

If you don’t know, you should.

CNA training is the beginning step toward the rest of your life. If you aren’t sure you’ve signed up for a quality class, here are a few ways you can evaluate your current situation.

Evaluating the Quality of Your CNA Training

  • Lecture Quality- Want to make sure you’ll be learning everything you want to be learning? Ask the school or your CNA training instructor for a copy of the syllabus. This will give you basic information about the subjects you’ll cover during your course. Keep in mind that some courses focus on certain areas of medicine, like geriatric care or pediatric care. If you’d rather work in a different area, the class might not be for you.
  • Enrollment Benefits- What kind of assistance is the school offering you that might reduce your training expenses or your stress level? Will they help you find a job after you pass your CNA training exam? Are they willing to provide you with the gait belt, scrubs, or books you need for class?
  • Pass Rates- Before you sign up for any CNA training class, ask to see the pass rates from previous years. While there are always students who simply don’t get the material or decide the career is not for them, if the percentage of those who are able to pass the class is too low, it may indicate low-quality teaching that wasn’t able to help students get through their written or skills state exams. This may mean you’ll have trouble too, and you might want to consider looking elsewhere for your education.
  • Reputation- Want to know what a CNA training program is really like? Ask the people who went through it before you. Find a hospital or nursing home in your area and meet with the director of nursing. See if you can arrange a few meetings with their CNAs to discuss the programs they chose and their experiences. Who knows, you might end up being offered a job once you pass your class.
  • Go Online- If you aren’t able to discuss the CNA training program one-on-one with CNAs in your area, consider going online. There are plenty of forums and discussion boards where CNAs can chat about their experiences and ask for help. This is the perfect place to go to find out more on the classes you want to take.

Attend Quality CNA Training Classes

Want to begin a successful and long career? Start right at the beginning by choosing quality CNA training.

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