I Can’t Afford CNA Training

Finding a Way to Afford CNA Training

cna trainingToday’s economy is largely depressed, that’s for sure. If you are currently working, even at a mediocre or dead-end job, you may feel that you should stay. After all, living from paycheck to paycheck is difficult enough, so starting or pursuing a new career or CNA training, may seem like nothing more than a pipe dream. Before putting the possibility of a new career behind you and moving along with your daily routine, stop and read this article. After all, you stopped by here for a reason, and we think that reason is to discover whether or not you can afford and fit CNA training into your schedule. Here’s the details. We think they will be not only be helpful but promising.

I Can’t Afford CNA Training

Are you just saying this or did you actually research it out? CNA training is one of the easiest and fastest programs to get into, and there are a variety of payment options, even free CNA training, to be explored.  Here’s a short breakdown:

  • Free CNA Training – Look for free CNA training at your local Red Cross first. Many branches offer free CNA training once per year. Your next stop should be any elder care center or medical facility that you could see yourself working for. Call the human relations department to inquire whether they offer free or reduced CNA training. Generally, places that do this will have you sign a contract agreeing to stay employed with the facility for at least 6 months, but often for up to two years. The free CNA training is actually an incentive to recruit new hires, so be sure you check into the rate of pay and the length of the contract before agreeing to anything.
  • Grant for CNA Training – Local community colleges that offer CNA training are good places to obtain free training. Grants are available through FAFSA to all who are eligible, including those with low income levels, single parents, and potential students who live in or are part of underprivileged people groups.
  • Low Cost CNA Training – There are other creative ways to obtain free or low cost CNA training. If you currently work for a doctor’s office, medical center, or hospital and have a good rapport with your supervisor, along with a reputation for being an excellent employee, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t inquire about furthering your career. It will be beneficial to both you and your current employer, especially if you are in a small medical facility where CNA training would allow you to take on more responsibilities. Often, your employer will go ahead and pay for your tuition and allow you to pay them back over time, or they may split the cost of CNA training with you. There are a variety of situations, but you’ll never become aware of the possibilities if you don’t speak out and ask.

Even if you’re not eligible for a grant and your current employer won’t help you with CNA training, it is possible to find classes that are under $1000 and there are some that take payments. If you want a new career, all it will take is a little leg work and determination.

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