I Failied My CNA Training Exam! Now What?

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So, your greatest fear has come to pass. You worried and stressed over the CNA training exam and now it’s official; you bombed out. You failed your CNA training exam and now you’re wondering what to do next. Actually, it’s not as bad as you may think at first. Many CNA training students experience stress or “blank out” during their exam the first time around. Now is not the time to throw in the towel and forget about the healthcare career you’ve worked so hard for. Nope! Instead, it’s time to take the necessary steps to ensure you’ll pass your CNA training exam the second time around. Here are some great tips for you:

Passing Your CNA Training Exam the Second Time Around

Make an Appointment for Retesting

Even before you hit the books or find someone to help you review the CNA training material you’re weak on, it’s vital to make a new appointment for your exam. This will put you on a mental timeline. Let’s face it, you’ve just experienced a little blow to your ego, so chances are high that you may put this next step off indefinitely. Oh, you won’t mean to, but one day will become two, and then turn into ten. Before you know it, you’ll feel less ready for the CNA training exam than you were the first time around, so time is of the essence here. Once you have made your new CNA training exam appointment, you’re ready for the next step.

Find a CNA Training Refresher

Finding CNA training refresher materials is quite easy. The first step is to go through your CNA training student textbook and other materials you received from your CNA training class. You don’t have to read everything word for word. Instead, go through the chapter titles, bullet points and subheadings. As you’re scanning through the material, think about the areas you feel uncomfortable with. Those should be your main study points. Think back to your CNA training exam. Do you remember which type of questions or what subject matter you were unable to answer with confidence? Take notes as you’re going through your CNA training textbook. This will help you to pinpoint the exact areas of study you’ll need to cover again.

Once you are aware (or have a good idea) of the topics you need help with, make out your study plan. If it’s medical terminology, make some flash cards. If you choked during the hands on or demonstration portion of your CNA training exam, write down and memorize the exact steps required for each one. Once you’ve done this, you can practice with a former CNA training student or a friend to get the steps right.

CNA Training Refresher Course Online

You may not need to actually pay for a CNA training refresher course, but if you feel you won’t be able to properly study without one, there are plenty of them available online. As you’re looking for the right one for you, be sure the one you choose includes at least one or two practice exams. This will help you feel more confident as you take your next exam.

Finally, don’t stress and don’t be embarrassed! There are plenty of people who fail the CNA Training exam the first time around!

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