Important Life Lessons During and After CNA Training

CNA TrainingCNA Training

When I began CNA training, I expected to learn several very important skills, like how to help a stoke patient get dressed or how to measure input and output. You may have the same expectations. CNA training does more than teach you what you need to know to become a great nursing assistant though. There are certain lessons you will learn during and after your classes that are important to your career and have nothing to do with a textbook.



Most of the time, these lessons won’t be obvious. You may not realize you are even learning anything unless someone points them out to you. You are learning them though, or you will, and each lesson will take you one step closer to becoming a better assistant after CNA training.

Lessons From CNA Training


  • You Know Nothing- When you graduate from your CNA training program, you might feel as if you have taken the next step in your life and you can take on any challenge anyone wants to throw at you. In reality, though, you know nothing. There are still going to be those moments when your mind blanks and you forget what you are supposed to be doing. There are going to be instances that no book can prepare you to deal with, and there are going to be times when you feel so overwhelmed you begin to question your chosen path. This is all normal and understanding that you don’t know everything is an important lesson. After CNA training, this lesson teaches you to be humble, to check everything twice, and to be a part of a team instead of trying to go it alone.


  • What Can’t You Just do it?- While the CNA world is publically known by many, there are still going to be individuals who don’t understand your role in the medical facility and don’t understand why you can’t perform the same tasks a nurse can. When a patient becomes frustrated and asks, “Why can’t you just do it?” after CNA training, you need to learn how to bite your tongue and respond in a respectful and informative manner. You are there to help, but you can only do what is in your scope of practice.


  • Yes, I Have a Problem- It doesn’t really matter where you work, what state you live in, or who you are. There is always going to be at least one individual working with you after CNA training that you don’t like or that doesn’t like you. While you may not care what they think, you can’t let your issues with them get in the way of your professional duties after CNA training.


  • I See You- When you are working in the medical field, it doesn’t matter if you are a big shot doctor, a hardworking nurse, or a caring CNA; everyone is going to be looking at you and judging you. Like it or not, patients see you as a professional that should not have any flaws. If you have flaws, you are the same as they are, and that means you can make mistakes. Be mindful that you are always be watched, and do your best to live up to the expectations. However, remember that you are still human.


Lessons in life don’t always come from a textbook. Make sure you recognize these lessons during and after CNA training.

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