Increase Your Confidence With Continued CNA Training

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If you want to be successful after CNA training, confidence is key. Confidence not only allows you provide better care for your patients, but also ensures you aren’t second guessing yourself every time you make a decision about a patient’s care. This can mean you enjoy your work after CNA training even more.

After CNA training, there are certain continuing education  courses you can take to improve your confidence, as well as improving your knowledge in various areas of health care. Here are just a few you should consider taking.

Confidence Building Continued CNA training

  • Conflict Management- When you are working as a CNA after CNA training, conflict is a daily part of your job. It’s hard to avoid, especially when a patient’s outcome might be death. Do you remember exactly what you were taught about conflict and stress in CNA training? If not, you can complete continuing education courses that will help you learn how to effectively deal with conflict related to your patients, management, and peers. This type of continuing education will increase your confidence in this area and help you enjoy working as a CNA much more.
  • Time Management- Every get so busy during a shift after CNA training that you can’t help but feel like you forgot something as you are driving home from work? To reduce these feelings and ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed at the end of every shift, you need to take time management continued CNA training classes. These classes will help you understand exactly what time management is and give you tips and hints on how to identify different methods you can use to manage your time more efficiently.
  • Team Building- While it would be nice if we had the ability to do everything ourselves and never had to rely on anyone else for help, that just isn’t the case. After CNA training, you are going to need to know how to work with other CNAs and nurses. Doing so will help increase your team building skills so you are not only more confident in yourself and your team, but also more productive.
  • Phlebotomy- Many CNAs these days are taking their continuing education and using it to increase their chances of finding better jobs and higher pay. Consider taking some continuing education courses in phlebotomy, which will allow you to draw blood for important laboratory tests patients needs. During these courses, you will obtain confidence in yourself and understand that CNA training may not be the last stop for you in the health care field. After these courses, you will have the confidence to go above and beyond, furthering your education and making a place for yourself in the world of health care.

Continuing Education After CNA Training

With the right continuing education after CNA training, you can not only increase your confidence, but increase your knowledge. This will help you achieve more, understand more, and be able to do more for your patients once you complete CNA training.


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