Increasing Patient Socialization After CNA Training

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During CNA training, you will learn the importance of socialization among your patients. After all, as humans, we are naturally social creatures. From the time we are born until the time we die, we like to interact with others through activities, conversation, and the written word.


Unfortunately, many of the residents in your nursing home after CNA training may not have the opportunity to socialize with their loved ones as much as they would like. They may not be able to see their spouses, friends, children, or grandchildren. These individuals may be too busy to come to the nursing home or may live too far away.


As a result, your residents may become lonely, depressed, and homesick.


It is your responsibility after CNA training to ensure this doesn’t happen. There are a variety of things you can do to increase your resident’s socialization, and doing so will encourage them to be more outgoing, be happier, and be healthier.


Increasing Socialization After CNA Training


  • Use Common Rooms- Many nursing homes do their best to provide plenty of opportunities for residents to socialize with one another. Many have dining rooms and common rooms where patients can interact. Some even have pianos and stages, and arrange for parties, lectures, and song festivals to take place in these areas.


  • Encourage Activity Participation- If your nursing home after CNA training has an activities department, make sure you visit it often to get the scoop on what activities are going to occur daily. When you find out, encourage your residents to participate in these activities. There may be arts and crafts, singing groups, physical challenges, or nature walks. Whatever is available, make sure your residents know about them and attend after you complete CNA training.


  • Play Matchmaker- While you might not spark true love, you can definitely help create a few friendships after CNA training. When you see two residents sitting by themselves on the job after CNA training, you can encourage them to interact simply by bringing them close together and introducing them to one another.


  • Encourage Them to Write- If their loved ones live far away and can’t visit, see if your residents have pens and paper. If not, find some for them and encourage them to write a few letters to their friends and family. If they are unable to write, sit down with them and have them dictate the letter to you. If their loved ones do visit and inquire about what they should purchase for the residents for birthdays and holidays, see if the patient would like nice stationery, stamps, and pens.


  • Talking on the Phone- Whenever possible after CNA training, try to arrange it so your patients can speak to their loved ones over the phone. If they have trouble dialing or reading the phone numbers, make sure you are available to assist them.


Socialization is Key After CNA Training


Loneliness and depression caused by lack of socialization can be detrimental to your patients’ health after CNA training. They may lose their appetites or their immune system may weaken, leaving them vulnerable to infectious diseases and heart disease. To prevent this, make sure you know how to encourage socialization after CNA training.

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