Is CNA Training the Road to Other Medical Careers?

cna trainingCNA Training – Let’s Talk Truth Here

Why would anyone in their right senses want to become a certified nursing assistant? The pay is low, the hours are long. Why not strive to become a fully fledged nurse or doctor instead? These are questions that many people have when they visit any website with CNA training information. What they probably do not know is that becoming a CNA is often the path to bigger and better things.

What? That’s crazy. CNA training doesn’t lead to nursing, or any other career for that matter! If that’s what you’re thinking right now, technically (from an education standpoint) you are correct. One cannot pass from CNA to an RN position simply by putting in time on the job, or even by building on your CNA training. Nope. Any other medical career is a “start fresh” situation.

If this is true (and it is) then how can CNA training become the road to bigger and better things? I’m glad you asked.

Below Are Three Ways CNA Training Can Lead to New Opportunities

Quick access to the medical field – Today, becoming a nurse or doctor requires an education that involves long years before completion. The process is complicated and tough. How about simplifying things by going through CNA training? CNA training places you in an advantageous position where you basically have a quick pass into the medical field! For the ambitious individual, this can easily place you on the path to more lucrative careers, just by experiencing what’s out there. This is especially true if you’ll be working in a hospital where there are plenty of positions to observe.

You get to test the waters in advance – You also develop a wealth of experience in dealing with patients; a trait that you will find invaluable if you decide to become a nurse. Wouldn’t you rather go through three months of CNA training instead of three years of nursing training before experiencing work in the field? I certainly would. What if you decide it’s not for you?

Developing key relationships – As a CNA, your exposure to physicians, surgeons, department heads and others in leadership positions can work on your behalf. While you are working as a CNA, don’t pass up the opportunity to develop these key relationships. The RN in charge of your shift should become your friend, not just your “boss.” By developing these key relationships, your potential will be noticed and you’ll find that opportunities will open where you didn’t recognize them before. Surround yourself with the right people and things will happen!
So, there you have it. Besides these critical points, CNA training provides you with a career that  is very different from any other health profession. It is not as tough as being a medical doctor, pharmacist, dentist or nurse. CNA training programs are usually short. You therefore gain a lot of information in a short span of time as you continue weighing out your options.

Are you ready to start your nursing career? Enroll in CNA training today and put yourself on the fast track to success!

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