Is Your CNA Training Provider Accredited?

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There are a lot of fine CNA training providers out there who hire dedicated and qualified staff. These providers put the interests of their staff and students amongst their primary concerns and are committed to delivering a high quality of education. It is an unfortunate fact however, that in this era of digital communication there are institutions that sell themselves as educational bodies with the means or qualifications to provide the training. Quality institutions will have an accreditation to prove their validity.

CNA Training Accreditation Info

What is accreditation?
Accreditation is the process where by a government department or government sanctioned third, assesses an education provider to ensure that they meet specific federal and/or state guidelines for the courses they are offering. A provider is deemed to be accredited if the assessment concludes that they are following the educational curriculum and guidelines sufficiently to be able to qualify participants with a nationally or state accepted certificate of qualification or attainment. This means that an accredited course can provide you with meaningful, widely recognised training.

Why is accreditation important in CNA training?
Accreditation allows prospective employers and education institutions to accurately evaluate an applicant’s level of training. Without accreditation students can be provided with misleading, incomplete or even dangerously inaccurate information. Not to mention wasting their time and money on a redundant course. Non accredited education providers and teachers may not have been sufficiently trained themselves and could therefore be perpetuating any ineffective, dangerous or unethical training they may have been given as a student.

Why should I go through an accredited CNA training provider?
When a course is accredited it is deemed to be following a strict curriculum and the participants are expected to finish the course with a certain set of skills. Not only could a non-accredited CNA training course leave you without the required Nursing assistant skills and knowledge but you may not be eligible to undertake the CNA training examinations or gain employment as a nursing assistant.

What questions should I ask my CNA training provider?

  • Firstly ask if the course is accredited; the institution should be able to provide you with paperwork.
  • Find out what is included in the course
  • Compare the course to your state sanctioned guidelines
  • If in doubt talk to your state or federal training ombudsman
  • Look for satisfied past students
  • Make sure you ask what states the accreditation is valid for and if your training will be transferable nationally. You need to know what extra training you may need to take on if you move interstate.
  • What is the CNA examination pass rate for students attending this course?

Where can I go for further information?
The U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Education will have information available about what the CNA training standards and education provider accreditation standards, or will at the very least be able to point you in the right direct.
Talk to your local schools and CNA training facilities for information on their accreditation and as for online or distance education programs make sure you not only get proof of accreditation but also do your research. If you cannot find any satisfied graduates of the institution that is an immediate and concerning warning sign.

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