Job Hunting: How to Beat the Other 40 CNA Training Students

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Let’s face it. In today’s economy you really need a strategy for landing that first job. You’re right out of CNA training, and guess what? So are 40 other brand new CNA training students, –and you’re all looking for the same job…in the same job…with the same level of knowledge and experience. Bet you didn’t think of that when you enrolled in CNA training classes that didn’t offer job placement right after graduation, did you? Well, don’t worry, we’ve been down that road a time or two and we’ve got an excellent strategy for beating the other 20-40 CNA training students out of that perfect first job.

How to Beat the Other 40 CNA Training Students Out of That First Job

Here’s our no nonsense list for landing that first job after CNA training. Some of these tips are obvious, and some of them are creative and sneaky (in a good way). Don’t thank us for the information; We polled a group of happily employed CNA training graduates and chose the best job hunting tactics:

  • Get there first – Yep, sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? But guess what? Half of your fellow CNA training students will take at least a week off from the job hunt while their writing their resume, procrastinating, and telling themselves they deserve a little break before they officially become a part of the workforce. While their taking some much deserved vacation time, you’re putting in resumes and setting up interviews. For even more efficiency, be sure to create your resume while you’re still in CNA training classes. That way you’ll be out of the starting gate at full speed!
  • Find the out of the way places – You do realize that everyone is going to go for the obvious places first, and while there’s nothing wrong with putting in your application at the local hospitals and nursing homes, try to think outside the box. What about the Hospice center, the children’s cancer clinic, local rehabilitation and diabetes dialysis centers, blood donor centers, and home health aide opportunities. Going the extra mile to find a few specialized health centers can be just the ticket to your new career after CNA training.
  • Letters of recommendation – Don’t pass up this all important step of putting together a winning resume. Think logically. You just graduated from CNA training classes and you have zero on the job experience. Letters of recommendation that highlight your character, your dedication, and your work ethic will help you to rise to the top of the resume pile. Even if you’ve never held a job of any kind before, think creatively. Have you volunteered anywhere? Have you led a group at your church, helped with a community event, or interned anywhere? This is the time to call in all your friends, relatives, teachers and area professionals. Got some connections with the mayor? The local police department? Get them to write a letter of recommendation and you’re golden!
  • Get in front of the interviewer – Try to go further than simply turning in a resume. Get in front of a decision maker. When you bring your resume in, ask to speak to the HR department or hiring manager. Be willing to wait patiently. Basically, take every opportunity!

We hope these tips will help you land a job quickly after CNA training!

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