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cna trainingCNA Training Options

The options for progressing your career and study after you complete your CNA training and assessment are vast and varied. You do not have to stop at certification and clinical work. Retirement homes and clinical facilities are not the only services crying out for qualified nursing and nursing assistant staff. The Red Cross for example periodically employ RNs (Registered Nurses) or LPNs (Licensed Practicing Nurses) to conduct their CNA training classes. But what does a position like this involve? And what can you expect when working for a global humanitarian organisation?

CNA Training and Red Cross

Case Study – American Red Cross Instructors for Nurse Assistant Training

Where are the positions available?
Positions are available at Worcester, Springfield, Pittsfield, Leominster and Westfield Red Cross Chapters. These positions may come up at any American Red Cross Chapter that offers training Across the United States.

What are responsibilities of the position?
The position involves conducting CNA training classes during the day and evening. The CNA training course instructs students how to provide quality care in residential facilities, hospitals, in-home care and in clinics. The hands on skills you will be required to impart onto your students include:

  • General treatments
  • Bathing
  • Bed making
  • Patient mobilization

In addition to this the program will instruct students on how to provide safe and effective quality care in line with national standards and the Red Cross’ own moral and ethical care standards. The 5 principals of care that CNA training students are required to pay particular attention are

  1. Safety
  2. Privacy
  3. Dignity
  4. Communication
  5. Independence

These CNA training classes feature a more intimate student to trainer ratio allow for better access to resources and more intensive training during the short duration of the training classes. The courses run for 4 weeks full time during the day or 7 weeks part time during the evening. The course is a total of 126 hours long including intensive CPR training. The Red cross CNA training program is renowned for clinically accurate training simulations and accurate up to the minute information.

What are the requirements of the position?
This position requires the applicant to be a Registered or Licenced Nurse. The successful candidate must have:

  • A registered nurse must have 4 years’ experience with 2 years Long term care experience
  • A Licensed nurse must have 5 years’ experience with 1 year long term care experience
  • Preference will be given to those with an adult education back ground.

What do the American Red Cross do?
The Red Cross is a highly regarded humanitarian organisation globally and the American chapters of the Red Cross take pride in their community outreach programs and training. The American Chapters deliver high quality CNA training at a minimal cost to students allowing their communities to thrive by assisting those unemployed, marginalized or unskilled members of their area. The Red Cross globally reach out to help the vulnerable and at risk member of our international community. The Red Cross have a great reputation not only as a humanitarian organisation but also as an employer.

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