Juggling Work and CNA Training

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It would be nice if the world stopped while you pursued your career through CNA training, wouldn’t it? It would be great if the electric company, your landlord, and that creditor who seems to have memorized your phone number (and the exact moment you want to sit down for dinner,) would understand how important and time-consuming becoming a CNA can be. After all, most CNA training programs only last a month. Wouldn’t it be nice if each of these individuals decided to give you a break and let you forget the bills during that time?

But they don’t, and they never will. So, unless you’re still in high school or living with your parents, chances are you’ll have to work while attending CNA training. This can be hard, and you might soon believe that the co-mingling of the two is nearly impossible. But it’s not. There are ways you can juggle both CNA training and full time employment.

CNA Training and Your Job

  • Get Ready to Neglect- There are certain things that are no longer going to be on your to-do list while you’re going through CNA training and working full-time. The dishes might not get done every night. You might be eating sandwiches more often than usual, and you may find that your living space is a bit more messy than you’re used to. This is okay. While it may drive you slightly crazy, keep in mind that it’s only temporary.
  • Manage Your Time- What does your day consist of? Do you help your kids with their homework? Spend quality time with your husband? If you’re going to school and work at the same time, you have to make sure the most important things are what are taking up your time. This doesn’t include vacuuming the floor the required three times a week or ironing your sheets to prevent wrinkles.
  • Don’t do it Alone- While you may be extremely busy, don’t isolate yourself from the ones who love you. Your friends and family will be the ones that offer you the support you need to get through CNA training, so carve out time for them.
  • Don’t Procrastinate- Sure, you may have until the end of the week to finish studying that big chapter and do the take-home quiz, so you can wait, right? Wrong. What happens when your boss calls you Thursday night and asks you to come in for an extra shift? What happens when your little one wakes up sick Friday morning? Don’t procrastinate; you may not have the time you think you do.
  • Revamp Your Expectations- In the past, you may have enjoyed TV time for an hour every evening and a full-nights sleep. When you’re working full time and taking CNA training, this may not be possible. Sleep may be replaced with studying. TV may be replaced with homework. It’s not easy to hear, but get used to it. Until your CNA training is complete, this is your life.

Juggling CNA Training and Work

Do you plan on taking CNA training while you’re working? Use these tips to make the most of your time and understand how juggle work and CNA training.

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