Kansas CNA Training Options

cna trainingCNA Training

Are you tired of going from one job to another? Do you want a career that matters, one you can be proud of and one where you can make a difference? If you are searching for this type of career and live in the state of Kansas, you are in luck. This state offers a variety of CNA training programs that are state approved.

CNA Training Programs Available in Kansas

Where can you find CNA training in Kansas? Here are just a few of your options.

  • Dodge City Community College- If you want to work in a nursing home, this community college offers Geriatric CNA training to better prepare you for life working and caring for the elderly, including both classroom and clinical instruction. However, if you plan on working in a different type of medical facility, such as a hospital, in home health, or in a doctor’s office, or you simply want a more rounded education, they also offer a basic CNA training course. Both classes meet all of the Board of Nursing requirements in Kansas and will earn you five college credit hours upon completion.
  • Hutchinson Community College- Live in Hutchinson, Kansas? In order to enroll in CNA training classes at this community college, you will be required to have a valid social security number, a negative TB test, and a valid and current CPR certification. When you apply for the course, it must be in person, and you must arrange to pay the $550 tuition and money for textbooks when you register. This course also has an online option, although only part of the course can be taken online and the rest must be taken in the classroom.
  • Kansas College of Nursing- This college of nursing offers evening, day, and weekend classes to allow you a flexible schedule while you earn your CNA training certification. If you have let your license expire and are needing to simply brush up on your skills, a refresher course is available for $175. Weekend classes cost $750 and evening classes are $700. If you are earning your certification for the first time, the course includes one hundred hours of classroom and clinical training.
  • Johnson County Community College- Need to recertify because you let your license expire after CNA training? This college offers refresher classes for $100. The courses last for 21 hours.

Enrolling in Kansas CNA Training

If you are interested in enrolling in CNA training in Kansas, you must be at least 18 years old; however, you do not have to have completed high school or earned your GED in order to enroll. After you take and pass the state exam, earning you your certification, you will be able to earn at minimum $22,000 a year, although opportunities are available to help you earn more.

Looking for a new career, not just another job? If you want to make a difference in the world with a career that assists those who need you most, then consider becoming a certified nursing assistant and enrolling in CNA training.

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