Kentucky Certification After CNA Training

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Are familiar with how CNA training certification works in the state of Kentucky? If not, you need to be. If you live here and want an exciting career in the healthcare industry, earning your certification through CNA training is a great start. It will allow you to assist patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and any other medical facility with many activities of daily living. You’ll learn how to monitor vital signs, provide basic services, and add important details to patients’ charts.

In order to accomplish all of this, though, you first need to go through CNA training and sit for the test that will determine if you can be certified. This requires knowing the right information.

CNA Training Hours and Renewal

The CNA training program you choose to attend must be approved by the state of Kentucky in order to provide you with valid classes and certification. The course must cover 75 hours of study, 59 of which need to be in the classroom. At least 16 hours must be spent gaining clinical experience.

Once you have obtained your certification by passing the state exam after CNA training, you’ll need to keep up with it and renew it every two years. Two months before the certification is set to expire, you will be mailed a renewal notification and forms that must be completed and returned to the state’s nurse registry before the expiration date of your certification. These forms will be reviewed, and you will be informed whether you have been approved for renewal.

If you do not receive these forms in the mail, don’t think that you can get away with ignoring the paperwork. It is still your responsibility to request the forms and fill them out before the expiration date on your license.

Transferring Your CNA Training Certification to Kentucky

If you lived in another state and worked as a CNA, but recently moved to Kentucky, you may be wondering if you can continue to work in healthcare or if you’ll have to take CNA training all over again. The answer is simple: If your current certification is active, you have a chance of being accepted for reciprocity. This means you can transfer your CNA training certification without having to go through a program again. You’ll just need to fill out the right paperwork.

The application for reciprocity can be obtained by calling the Kentucky nurse aid registry and requesting a copy be sent to you. You’ll need to fill it out and provide the correct information, including the name of the state you are transferring from and the registration or certification number located on your license. You can then fax or send the application to the nurse aid registry. They will contact you once it has been accepted or if they need any additional information from you.

The address for the registry is:

312 Whittington Parkway, Ste 300-A

Louisville, Kentucky


Interested in being a CNA in Kentucky? Make sure you know how to obtain your CNA certification, how to follow the renewal process, and how to transfer your license from another state after CNA training.

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