Lagging Behind in Your CNA Training, When to Speak Up?

cna trainingCNA Training

CNA training is relatively brief, but an enormous amount of information is being taught in that time period and it can be easy to fall a little behind. This is especially true for many students in the fast track CNA training programs or for those who haven’t been in school for a number of years. It’s very important for students to be able to advocate for themselves and ask for a little help, so they do not fall any further behind. Although nobody wants to admit that they’re lost, if it feels like there are concepts and skills that make no sense, it’s time to let a supervisor or instructor know.

CNA Training: Determine What the Problem is

It will first be necessary to determine what part of CNA training is causing a problem. If the hands-on patient care is a problem, it may be possible to follow an experienced CNA for a few nights. It is important to remember that this is a challenging field and as with so many other jobs, practice makes perfect. In addition,  most  CNA training graduates were nervous and it is perfectly normal to wonder if it is possible to remember everything.

If the knowledge that is being shared about the human body seems overwhelming, an instructor may be able to offer some ideas about study techniques. In many cases, a study group can be formed to help students who are having trouble. There is often more than one student who is concerned about how fast everything is being taught. The amount of information that is given out during the classroom portion of the can training can easily become confusing and not understanding one concept can make it harder to understand the next. That is one reason that most CNA training graduates had excellent attendance policies.

CNA Training – Worried About the Final Exam or the Test With the State?

Regardless of what state the CNA training is completed in, there is a certification exam, –a test taken with the state to achieve certification, licensing, or both. In many cases, CNA training students worry about these final tests from the first day of CNA training, but the classes and clinicals are created in a way that allows each skill and piece of information to be presented clearly to the student. It may also be possible to get an extra copy of a study guide to relieve some of the anxiety associated with the big test. Most successful  Certified Nurse’s Aides studied, slept and ate well the night before the exam and did well.

A Certified Nurse’s Aide holds a very important job in the medical field. A CNA often spends more one-on-time with patients than any other person does, including many family members. The training that is received makes it possible to not only perform the job duties appropriately, but to notice problems as they occur. It is normal to feel concern about the education process, but if it develops into a situation where there is significant doubt about skills or knowledge, it is time to ask for help.

Your CNA training instructor can recommend either a tutor, extra classes or other options to ensure you will pass your exam when the time comes.

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