Landing Your First Job After Your CNA Training

cna training classYou’ve finished your CNA training class and now you are ready to take on the work force in your new career as a certified nursing assistant. Landing your first job as a CNA can be exciting and sometimes frustrating. Here are some solid tips that will lead you down the path to success in your new health care career.

CNA Training With Job Placement

Many CNA training classes come with a guarantee of job placement, just as long as you pass the final exam and are eligible for employment as a certified nursing assistant. Many career training centers, adult education facilities, and nursing programs come with guaranteed job placement after graduation.

This option can be good and bad.

If you are not confident by nature, and want the assurance of guaranteed job placement, this can be perfect for you. Often, job placement involves a partnership with an assisted living facility or clinic that pays lower wages than most other certified nursing assistant jobs in the immediate area. Instead of offering top wages based on experience and quality of the applicant, these facilities rely on students fresh out of their CNA training class who aren’t aware of their earning potential.

This is not to say that all job placement is low paying. Just be aware of the fact and check out other employment opportunities before agreeing to take the first job that comes along.

When to Put in Your Application

Waiting lists for job openings are sometimes lengthy, depending upon the saturation in your particular area. Because of this factor, it’s a good idea to put your application in at hospitals, retirement homes, assisted living centers, and other institutions that hire nursing assistants while you are still taking your nursing assistant classes.

In fact, this will show your prospective employers your eagerness to enter the work force, and just might put your application at the top of the pile. Don’t think that just because you don’t have prior experience that you won’t be hired. The fact that you are attending CNA training class and working toward your career goals is a huge step in the right direction. If you couple that with the fact that you are job hunting even before graduation, that can be a winning combination in the eyes of an employer. Keep in mind that many job applicants, even in today’s economy, have tarnished records, low retention time on previous jobs, and may not have a polished appearance or positive attitude. An eager attitude can outshine prior work experience, especially when pitted against an applicant who doesn’t have as positive of an attitude as you do. Put on your A-game, wear your best business clothes, present yourself in an intelligent, alert, and positive manner, and you can end up having a job waiting on you upon graduation.

Do it In Person

The last bit of advice for new CNAs entering the work force is to avoid calling around to ask if facilities are hiring. By going the extra mile and showing up in person, you’ll be surprised at the response you will receive. Too many individuals today take the easy, and sometimes lazy, way of doing things. Whenever you go the extra mile you will be met with success.

By following our advice, landing your first job after your CNA training can be easier than you thought!

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