Life After CNA Training: Earning the Respect You Deserve

cna trainingCareer After CNA Training

Once you have your first job after finishing your CNA training you will find yourself dealing with co-workers instead of fellow students. The attitudes will be a bit different; you will be the new person. There may be a period of time where you need to prove yourself before being readily accepted into the team. While you strive to earn the respect you deserve, remember that it is a two-way street.

Respect of the Nurses After CNA Training

It is important to remember that they are nurses, not any better than you are, not any smarter than you are, but they have learned more than you were taught in CNA training and have more experience than you have. It is best to give them respect from the start. This does not mean you have to be their doormat or kiss their feet, just respect them as you want to be respected. If there comes a time when one of them does something that loses that respect, then you may need to change the station where you work.  Here are a few ways to earn and keep the respect of the nurses.

  • Do your job. When you first start to work someplace, make sure you understand what your duties will be. CNA training does not always cover everything that will be expected of you. If you are not sure of anything, ask someone. You will get respect because you asked. It shows that you want to do things the right way.
  • Try to learn more about the patients and their conditions. While you do not want to bother a nurse when she or he is busy, there will be times they are able to explain things to you. Learning more allows you to help the patients better. Showing initiative in trying to improve your work will earn respect.
  • Help them with something even if it is not in your job description or was not in CNA training. When you go out of your way to help someone, they will remember that.

Respect of Others with CNA Training

These are the people you will spend the most time with other than the patients. You all had the same CNA training even if it was at different schools. Some may feel you owe them respect because they have been there longer. Some may try to push the not-so-nice tasks off onto you. As a responsible CNA training graduate, you need to let them know you will not be taken advantage of, but also that you respect their knowledge of the facilities and people who are there. A couple of things to do to ensure there is a mutual respect are:

  • As a CNA Training graduate, take responsibility for own work. If you need assistance ask for it, but do not take advantage. Remember your manners and say “please” and “thank you.” Once the task is done, let them go on their way.
  • Help others when they need it. If you see someone is having a hard time moving a patient or got behind on rounds taking care of something out of the ordinary, offer to help them. Make sure your own work is complete or you will have time to finish it after helping them. It is not a good excuse to need someone’s help because you were helping someone else.

Often, the amount of respect you are given correlates with the amount you give others. Do not be arrogant or lazy or spread rumors about others. Your CNA training taught you better than that.

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