Maintaining the Health of Patients’ Feet After CNA Training

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When it comes to caring for your patients and residents after CNA training, foot care is probably not at the top of your list. After all, you have to be concerned about their oral care, their vital signs, their nutrition, and prevent them from developing bed sores. Foot health isn’t something you generally think about.

The problem is, though, you should be thinking about it after CNA training. The health of your patients’ feet is extremely important. Just think about it. They spend much of their day on their feet, walking from one place to another, and if they suffer from a disease like diabetes, sores on the feet can lead to serious problems, like infections and possible amputations.

Taking care of your patients’ feet after CNA training doesn’t have to be hard. It just requires a few smart tips.

Patients’ Feet After CNA Training

Make Sure Their Shoes Fit- As a CNA, you’ll be helping the majority of your patients get dressed every single day. Because of this, you’re much more likely to notice when their shoes are worn down or no longer fit properly. Shoes that fit are important, as they provide the right amount of support for the patient and help to reduce foot pain. If you happen to notice that your patients’ shoes don’t fit after CNA training, let your charge nurse know. They will be able to contact the family members or other individuals who can help make sure the patient gets new shoes.

Build Foot Strength- A lifetime of abuse on the foot can lead to problematic conditions, like plantar fasciitis, which indicates that one of the ligaments that supports the feet is swollen. Luckily, the condition is somewhat reversible, although it does require exercise. In order to help your patients, talk to the RNA, or restorative nursing assistant, and see what exercises you can help the patients do to reduce their pain and reduce inflammation. Some exercises you may not even have to help with; by simply encouraging the patients to do them, you can help improve the health of their feet after CNA training.

Dry Feet- Feet like to be dry, and that can be a problem for some people. After CNA training, do your best to be on the lookout for patients with extra damp feet. You may need to switch the brand of socks they wear or change their socks more often to keep their feet dry.

Lotion- While feet do like to be dry, that doesn’t mean they need to be completely free of any type of moisture. In fact, feet that are too dry can become cracked, opening up the skin to infections and sores. Because of this, it’s important for you to maintain a regular foot-care regimen for your patients after CNA training. To do this, first wash your hands, inform the patient what you will be doing, then put on a pair of gloves. Take a small amount of lotion and apply it to the top and bottom of the patients’ foot. Rub it in gently. By doing this, you are not only moisturizing the patients’ feet, but you are also relieving foot pain and increasing circulation.

Keeping Your Patients Feet Happy After CNA Training

There are many different tasks you’ll be asked to accomplish after CNA training, all in the hopes of providing your patient with the care they need to remain healthy and as independent as possible. While it’s normal to consider mouth care, skin care, and perineal care as important, foot care is just as essential after CNA training.

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