Making Friends After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

When you were in school, and even when you were in CNA training, it was easy to have a social life. These locations provided you with an instant pool of like-minded individuals who were working toward the same you goal you were. Once you graduated from CNA training, though, and found a job, making friends probably wasn’t as easy. This is especially true if you had to relocate for your employment.



When it comes to making friends after CNA training, you will find that your coworkers have different interests, personality, and ages than you. Finding one or two great friends among them all can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Finding Friends After CNA Training


  • Be Accessible- If you want to make friends after CNA training, you can’t keep to yourself all the time. You have to be accessible and friendly, show your coworkers you want to be friends. You might want to engage in friendly banter, ask your coworkers what they are planning for the weekend, or simply ask them how their day is going. Use any excuse to interact with the individuals you work with after CNA training if you want to make friends.


  • Step Outside Your Bubble- That bubble around you is going to make it very difficult for your coworkers to approach you and get to know you, so step outside your comfort zone and be a team player. Go out to lunch if you are invited, attend birthday parties, and sing karaoke during happy hour with your coworkers. Don’t let yourself step outside the spotlight if you want to be noticed after CNA training.


  • Similar Interests- Find out if your medical facility has clubs, groups, or activities for employees with similar interests. If they do, go! A secret to a lasting friendship is finding someone you can spend time, and you don’t want to be bored while you do it. Join a book club, attend a charity event, or join the hospital’s gym so you can interact with your coworkers in a more personal way.


  • Make the First Move- These days, most of us don’t wait for anything. Women as men to marry them, midnight releases are full of people who have preordered items, and stores are already full of Christmas decorations before anyone has said “trick or treat.” So, why wait to make friends? If you are growing a little impatient of waiting for someone to invite you to lunch or out for happy hour, then take charge! Approach them and ask them to hang out with you.


  • Go Outside- Just because you spend eight to twelve hours a day with your coworkers doesn’t mean they can be your only friends after CNA training. Search outside your medical facility for friends as well by joining clubs, going to local restaurants and bars, and attending new classes in the area. You never know where you might find a potential friend.


While you may have to put in some effort, you can easily make friends after CNA training.

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