Making The Most Of Your CNA License

By Melanie Ullman
Obtaining a CNA license and certification to practice as a nursing assistant opens up many professional doors in the medical field. Many people become nursing assistants because they want to help others. They also use the position to gain valuable skills that are then used to help others. Many CNA’s are urged to obtain additional training and schooling so that they can increase their technical skills and earn more money. Being a nurse assistant is a stepping stone for advancement in the medical field.

A certified nursing assistant trains to have the ability to assist individuals in a variety of ways. This assistance is required for those who are incapable of caring for themselves because of physical or mental conditions. A nurse assistant can assist an individual with daily maintenance in a long term care facility, nursing home, hospital or even in the home of the individual. It is recommended that you build a work history that reflects the ability to perform patient care in a variety of settings. Different settings will require the use of certain skills more often even though the duties might be the same. In addition, this working in a variety of settings will give you an idea of which environment they are most comfortable and productive in. As a certified nursing assistant becomes more familiar with the medical field, working in different settings will help him/her gain more experience in a variety of settings. This can be used a reference for deciding which areas he/she may want to specialize in later during the medical career.

Being a CNA is a job that will provide the fundamentals for nursing care. Many registered nurses begin their careers this way. In fact, many registered nurses cite their previous experience in the field as very valuable to their ability to be a good nurse. Working as a nursing aid provides a basic foundation for patient care, and this is very important for caring for people in any facility and under any specialty. Those medical professionals that begin their careers as such are more likely to have a better understanding of what is required to care for an individual basis. The foundation that is provided by working as a nursing assistant is priceless.

After obtaining the certification to work in the field, individuals should focus on increasing their skill sets. Acquiring additional certifications and obtaining more schooling will be very beneficial regardless of the path you decide to take. The development of new skills will allow you to obtain more responsibility and more pay. Many agencies also recommend that their clients continue their education; some places of employment are even willing to pay for continuing education. Many practicing CNA professionals continue working as they go to school to become practical (LPN) or registered nurses (RN’s). The foundation provided by working in the field proves to be very valuable when pursuing higher levels of education for a more advanced nursing career.

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  1. Yamil Says:

    Thanks MElanie! I really like the way you write! It is explained me more about the CNA.

  2. Certified Nursing Assistant Certification Says:

    becoming a cna is a great adventure that really doesn’t take as long as many think.

  3. nona marshall Says:

    can you tell me how to get my recertification for my cna licencese please

  4. Robin B Says:


    Not a problem! Go ahead and check with your state nursing certification board. Just Google the information and give them a call.

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