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Looking to commence CNA training in Maryland next year? 2014 is set to be an exciting year in health support services and medical industries. With record employment levels anticipated in the industry and New York being at the forefront of the healthcare system roll out more CNA training courses are being offered in Maryland and Baltimore City than ever before. But where can you go for reliable accredited training? And what courses will be available in the New Year?

CNA Training Locations

  1. Carroll Community College: Located in Westminster, Carroll Community College offers a diverse range of study options and courses. The Healthcare Department of the college offers a comprehensive CNA training course that stretches over a semester including class work and on the job training and clinics and medical facilities in the local area. Carroll Community college operates as part of the Maryland community college system and is able to rely on that frame work for additional resources and support.
  2. Cecil Community College: Cecil Community College also functions as part of the Maryland Community College system. The department that offers CNA training at the college is the health professions division that offers vocational medical and medical support training including a CNA training course.  This course involves 8 weeks class work excluding the practical clinical placement.
  3. Anne Arundel Community College: Another part of the Maryland Community College System is Anne Arundel Community College located in Arnold, providing a valuable and diverse resource to the area. CNA training at Anne Arundel is conditional on appropriate background and health checks. A candidate may not be accepted into the course without passing these screening checks.
  4. Baltimore City Community College: The gorgeous city of Baltimore is home to the aptly named Baltimore City Community College , which offers two-year degrees, vocational and technical training including an established CNA training course offered through the Allied health and Human Services department.
  5. Harford Community College: The stunning Bel Air Campus of Harford Community College offers a wide range of courses including a well-regarded and state certified CNA training course. They also provide access to transferable credit courses and may be able to assist you in developing a further education pathway for after you complete your 8 week CNA training course.
  6. Community College Of Baltimore: Located in Catonsville, the Community College of Baltimore County offers an extensive variety of short and long courses that can be delivered via in class or distance education. Their CNA training course works in line with state legislation and alongside local clinics to provide a holistic and beneficial CNA training course.
  7. Howard Community College: Howard Community College is located in Columbia in Maryland and is noted for its diverse and accommodating courses and delivery. With experienced staff and a focus on education pathways Howard Community college is a great starting point in your career as a CNA
  8. Hagerstown Community College: This well established college has been in operation for over a century and provides not only the CNA training course but also the GNA training course. The combined resources of these two nursing assistant courses make Hagerstown community college one of the more reputable trainers in the Maryland area.

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