Men Can Take CNA Training Too! Benefits for Becoming a Male CNA

cna trainingMen and CNA Training

When you think of CNA training, what types of individuals come to mind? For most people, its women in pony tails and cute cartoon scrub tops. This stereotype has prevented men from entering the health care field for generations, but it doesn’t have to anymore.


Men can take CNA training too.


Many men make excellent CNAs, and for good reason. Did you know that policemen and firemen often enter the nursing field after they retire? It’s because they have spent their whole lives helping others, and they don’t want to give up on those qualities because they can still provide them.


In the following, we will describe just a few benefits that men can obtain from undergoing CNA training.

Advantages of CNA Training for Men


  • Need- Many health care facilities are specifically searching for men who have completed CNA training because they need them to provide care for patients who are unwilling or uncomfortable working with female nursing assistants. This provides men with many opportunities for employment in the nursing field.
  • Job Security- The health care field is one field that provides fantastic job security, because no matter what state the economy is in, there will always be a need to assist and care for the sick and the disabled.
  • Opportunities- Although nursing is a prominent field, there is constantly a shortage of individuals who are willing to undergo CNA training and have the skills needed to make this type of employment a long term career. This provides male CNAs with a variety of employment options in several different areas, including home health, long term care, hospitals, and assisted living facilities.
  • Simple Training- While the training itself may not be simple, obtaining it is. Most CNA training require no prerequisites, except for having a high school diploma, and most can be completed in as little as three or four weeks. This means, as a student in CNA training, you can complete your courses and obtain your certification quickly so you can begin your career as soon as possible.


The Truth Behind Male CNA Training Myths


You’ve heard the stereotypes and the myths, and they are probably the reason you have not begun your CNA training yet. Fortunately, the majority of these myths are not true, and should not keep you from living your dreams and obtaining your certification as a nursing assistant. Here are just a few we’ve debunked.


  • Men who work in nursing are weak- Male CNAs are just as manly before they put on those scrubs as they are afterwards. They aren’t weak because they care, that’s what make them so strong and perfect for a career as a CNA.
  • Male CNAs aren’t emotionally right for nursing- Interacting well with patients and enjoying the rewards of helping others are not emotions and skills suited only to female nursing assistants. Men have feelings too, and they care because they are human and love assisting those who need help.
  • Males in nursing simply couldn’t cut it as doctors- Again, this isn’t true. If a man truly wants to be a doctor, he could. But the two are completely different professions with different skill sets, experience, and training required. If a man becomes a CNA, it is more likely that he wants to help others and begin his career immediately in the health care field, rather than spending eight years in school before he can begin.


If you are a man, don’t let society dictate what field you can enter. More and more men are becoming CNAs and are enjoying all of the benefits that come with CNA training.

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