Mentoring Those Who Just Finished CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

At one point or another during your CNA career, you are going to be faced with the job of mentoring an individual who has just completed CNA training. It will be up to you to show them the ropes, help them complete their first few weeks of work after CNA training, and teach them what is expected of them now that they are certified CNAs.

This is a lot of responsibility, and some CNAs, especially those that have been around for quite a while, can become frustrated easily if their new colleagues aren’t ready to hit the ground running at first. Here are a few tips to help ensure these individuals learn everything they should after CNA training and you remain as patient and calm as possible during their on-the-job training.

On-the-Job After CNA Training

  • Think About Your First Days- The first thing you need to do when you’re assigned an individual to train who has just completed CNA training is think about what everything was like during your first few days. No doubt it was overwhelming and scary. Have a bit of empathy and remember that this CNA will be helping others a year from now. Be the role model they need you to be.
  • Be Patient- Don’t expect your new CNA to know everything there is to know about working after CNA training. They may have their certification, but this is their first opportunity to gain real hands-on experience. Give them time to get acclimated and teach them everything you can.
  • Be Respectful- Of them and their questions. As long as they are asking, they are trying to learn, so try to answer each one the best you can. If you aren’t sure of the answer, ask another CNA or find out from your nurse manager.
  • Let Them Observe- The first day, let them observe almost everything you do. They need to see how you work, how you interact with patients, and how you address problems. Talk them through everything you are doing so they understand why you are doing it. They may not know that Mrs. Smith likes her cup of orange juice at her bedside to the right of her reading glasses or that Mr. Jones needs to get up from his nap every day at 3:00 pm so he has plenty of time to use the restroom and take his medicine before dinner. These tasks needs to be explained.
  • Allow Break Times- Individuals who have just finished CNA training will be raring to get every task done, and they may be too excited to even consider break times. Make sure they know when the break times are and where they can go during them. Encourage them to go grab something to eat, go to the bathroom, or just step outside for some fresh air. They may not realize they need a little break, but they will be much more productive if they have one.

Mentoring Others After CNA Training

Mentoring other CNAs become adjusted to work after CNA training can be fun and exciting, but it can often be frustrating as well. Make sure you’re prepared to teach those individuals so they can be as successful as possible after CNA training.

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