Motivating Yourself in Your CNA Training and Career

cnaAs you’ve heard before, attitude is everything. ┬áThis is especially true in the fast-paced life of a CNA. Whether you are just starting your CNA training class or are a seasoned CNA with many years and patients behind you, when was the last time you took an inventory of your mental attitude, your outlook on your career, or your thoughts toward your CNA training.

Today we are going to take a look at the attitude IQ behind the successful CNA. The good news is, if you don’t have it, you certainly aren’t alone, and there are steps you can make in the right direction to improve your attitude and your level of motivation.

CNA Career: Attitude and Motivation

The way that you think about or perceive your current career or your CNA training is directly related to the amount of mental clarity and motivation you will have when it comes to job performance or study habits.

If you are finding yourself stressed, overly tired, or feeling depressed or sluggish, ask yourself why. Are you happy with the career choice you have made? A career as a CNA is a rewarding and respected position that can either provide you with a lifelong career or can serve as a stepping stone for new opportunities. If you find that you are not completely fulfilled in your duties as a CNA, keep your eyes open. If you work in a hospital setting there may be other career paths that look promising to you. Now that you have your feet planted firmly in the medical industry it won’t be hard to continue your education.

For now it’s vital to yourself and to the patients that rely on you to do your best every day and treat all of those who count on you, including the nursing staff, with respect and excellence. Integrity is important. It will give you a sense of pride and will also provide you with the drive necessary to move on to the next level of your nursing or medical career, if that’s what you choose

CNA Career: How to De-stress

For those of you currently operating in the field as a nursing assistant, the number one way to ward off stress is by closing your ears. That’s right, we said it. No matter where you are employed, there will always be those who murmur and complain instead of just buckling down and doing a good job. You are there to care for your patients, not have a pow-wow with the other aides about policies or breaks or scheduling problems. Make a conscious effort to rise above and don’t enter in to the gossip sessions. You’ll have less stress and a much better overall attitude by doing so.

The second way to de-stress, whether you are currently in CNA training or working in the field, is by getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can make you overly emotional, cranky, and foggy in your thinking. Most CNA’s have a full workload every day and can’t afford to go without proper sleep.

Remember, keep yourself motivated and keep a positive attitude. Many of the patients you will deal with are in need of a cheerful smile, some small talk, and a caring attitude from you. You are a CNA, so be the very best you can be!

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