Nevada County’s CNA Training Solution In Strife

cna trainingCNA Training

Nevada County’s new CNA training program is set to begin in January but the goal of the program developers to deliver subsidised training is in jeopardy with the services not possessing the start-up money needed to apply for a government grant that could see a dramatic reduction in the $1800 cost of the course.

CNA Training Info For Nevada

What are the demands on CNAs and CNA training in Nevada County?
Nevada County is going through a period of population change. With 71% of all Nevada County residents estimated to be at least 60 years of age by 2020 the need for qualified CNAs, and therefore quality accredited CNA training is set to reach a critical point referred to cheekily as the “Silver Tsunami”. This aging population bubble means a vast increase in pressure on the residential and general medical care sectors.

What is School of Care?
School of Care is a Nevada County resource organisation that has designed and developed a curriculum that is tailored to the specific needs of Nevada County. This timely course is set to start in January 2014. School of Care is an initiative of Job Creation service WHEEL.

What is WHEEL Job Creation?
WHEEL Job Creation is a non-profit organisation which seeks to redress unemployment concerns and develop long term community based solutions that not only help students wanting to undertake courses such as CNA training but also the needs of the broader community.

What will the CNA training solution involve?
School of Care will deliver the CNA training course with the aide of experience tutors with decades of nursing under their belts and it will take place at Spring Hill Manor across 100 hours of clinical CNA training in addition to the required classroom based learning. The specially developed CNA training program utilises the Red Cross Curriculum, with its proven track record of successfully training Nursing assistants over many years.

Where will the training take place?
The aforementioned Spring Hill Manor Rehabilitation and Convalescent Hospital in Grass Valley will be providing the much needed classroom space and clinical facilities for the course. The Administration of Spring Valley is very excited about the new onsite training and believes that students are embarking on a career that will “…never become obsolete”.

What are the benefits for CNA training students?
CNA training students  not only experience the core Nursing Assistant training program but they also stand to benefit from State and County specific learning that should set them up for a long and fruitful career.

What that are the benefits for Nevada County?
The county like much of the state is crying out for qualified medical and nursing support staff. The CNA training course could help to bridge the gap in the Nevada County health services system.

What if the program does not obtain the funding?
The course will continue regardless of whether the program secures a grant but needless to say subsidised tuition would ease the pressure on some of the more marginalised people in the community.

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