#NurseProblems you Experience on Your Days Off

nurseWhen you finish CNA training or nursing school, you may feel like you’re up for anything. And you just might be on those days you spend taking care of your patients. But what about the days you don’t? What about those magical and infrequent days when you get to stay home, go out with friends and do whatever you feel like doing?

It may feel like you’re finally getting a chance to relax, but even when you have a day off, there are just some things you may never see coming. They are nurse problems, and you’ve probably experienced them a few times.

Nurse Problems on Your Days Off

  • You finally have an entire weekend off. You have so many plans, you’d made yourself a list to ensure you get through them all before Sunday night. Saturday morning, though, belongs to you and your bed. You just want to sleep in a little bit. Maybe until 10:00. When you wake up on Saturday, however, you discover it’s dark outside and your entire family is sitting around the table eating dinner.
  • Whether you’re a health care assistant or a nurse, the decision to take on the third shift (night shift) is not a light decision. But it usually comes with a pay raise, so who can say no? If you happen to have a few days off after a long week of working nights, however, stepping out into the sun in the morning can make you feel like a vampire. Was it always this bright?
  • You’re spending your day off with a friend and the two of you decide to grab dinner. Your friend begins to complain, rather loudly, that the service is too slow. You notice there’s only one waiter and she’s handling 12 full tables. You suddenly have a few flashbacks about work and have to physically bite your tongue and restrain yourself from creating a scene.
  • It’s the middle of the night, and you’re sleeping. Suddenly, you wake up, convinced a call light is going off. As your eyes adjust, you realize you’re in your bedroom, and no patients are waiting for you to help them. Unfortunately, your adrenaline is pumping now, meaning you’ll spend the rest of the night watching Netflix until you can get back to sleep.
  • Your child is having an open house at school. You notice while you’re in the classroom that there isn’t a bottle of hand sanitizer to be found. When you mention this, the teacher reassures you that she keeps the classroom very clean. With a roll of your eyes, you turn away, mentally adding 10 bottles of hand sanitizer to your shopping list.
  • It’s been quite some time since you’ve made an appearance at the dinner table- at least when the rest of your family was eating at the same time. Tonight, however, you’ve cooked a feast and are actually eating at a reasonable hour. Just thinking about it makes you feel a bit emotional, which ends up making everyone else at the table uncomfortable.

Whether you’re a health care assistant or a nurse, a day off can be a strange and wonderful thing for you. Don’t be surprised if your work life bleeds into your home life, however. It tends to happen when you choose an exciting and consuming field like nursing.

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