Nursing Job Opportunities: Become a Camp Nurse

nursing job opportunitiesAre you eager to get some experience in the nursing field during your nursing program or after? Are you a school nurse who needs to make extra money during summer break? Are you simply a nurse who loves being outdoors?

You may love being a camp nurse. A camp nurse is an individual who provides medical care to adults and children who attends camps or retreats. A wide array of responsibilities are required of these nurses, and plenty of knowledge is needed to succeed in this field.

With summer just around the corner, though, this may be the perfect way to experience nursing in a new and exciting way.

How to Become a Nurse for Camps

Becoming a camp nurse generally requires an associate or bachelor of science degree in nursing. However, this isn’t always true. Many camps will actually hire nursing students and health care assistants who have finished CNA training and started a nursing program to work as health care professionals in camp settings if an LPN or RN is available to supervise their actions.

Almost all require some type of experience in the health care field, however, and most will demand you are trained in CPR prior to beginning work at the camp.

Nursing Job Opportunities: Camp Nurse Responsibilities

As a nurse or health care assistant working at a camp, you’ll be responsible for taking care of all of the campers who visit. In some cases, this may include caring for as many as 400 individuals. Some of the responsibilities you will have include:

  • Checking the health of all campers and staff members. You’ll likely need to perform health checks as soon as staff and campers arrive, then performing these checks again on a weekly basis. Because all of these individuals are in such a close setting, you’ll need to be prepared if you come across an illness or condition that can be easily spread to others.
  • You’ll need to keep medical records for all of the children and adults under your care. If something happens, you’ll need to be able to speak to local doctors and hospitals and provide them with up-to-date information. You may need to accompany sick individuals to the hospital or doctor as well and help them fill out their insurance paperwork properly.
  • Dispensing medicine will be part of your duties. You may need to work with local pharmacies to ensure each camper has his or her medicine.
  • You’ll need to deal with basic health issues that can occur in an outdoor environment, like mosquito bits, poison ivy, and campfire burns. You’ll also need to deal with cuts, scrapes, and minor illnesses like stomach upsets.
  • You may need to notify the parents of a sick or injured child and determine whether the child can complete their camping experience or must go home.
  • Some camps will have certain weeks where they invite special needs children and adults to participate in camp activities. You’ll need to be able to address any issues that come up and be prepared to help these individuals in any way you can.

Want to learn how to become a nurse for your local camp? Being a camp nurse can give you experience and help you enjoy the nursing field in a low stress environment. If you let it, camp nursing can be one of the best nursing job opportunities.


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